April 24, 2018 by phicks2012

I’ve never cherished any desire at all to be male, but all too often when I talk to other women mundanely (meaning outside my hobby of historical reinactment) or am watching women on TV, I find myself wondering how many of them simply buy into female stereotypes, or just how atypical I might be — since I’m so often having a hard time finding conversational or other common ground with other women.

1) I do not consider “shopping” to be an entertainment form. When I need something I either purchase it on-line, or I go shopping for specific items, get them, and then go home or move on to another errand. I rarely go to a mall unless I’m seeing a movie there, or unless the item I want isn’t available elsewhere. I don’t window-shop or browse unless I’m killing time waiting for someone else — or unless I’m in an antique shop or fabric store.

2) I have zero interest in collecting shoes or handbags, or in buying clothing that’s going to be out-of-style in the next ten minutes, and I honestly do not care whose name is on the clothing (or furniture) I buy, or what pseudo-celebrity has worn, sat on, or endorsed the same label. I’m only interested in clothing made from natural fabrics, so the labels that interest me are primarily “Cotton” or “Linen” — though “Silk” and “Wool” can work too.

3) I watch sports on TV for fun on weekends — especially during football season, and often at other times as well. I love watching Olympic style sports like figure skating, gymnastics, swimming and diving, equestrian (dressage, stadium jumping and cross-country jumping), snow skiing, speed skating, sailing, and even curling (most of which I’ve at least “tried” in the past, or even competed in). I’ll also sometimes watch baseball, rugby, and soccer, though there are some sports I simply find too boring to watch — like fishing (can enjoy “doing” it, just not “watching” it).

I have to wonder though, why am I (physically) running into so few female sports fans? It simply cannot be gender linked. I see them on TV and in the stands at games, and women are certainly involved at all levels in athletic endeavor and (yes, Cam Newton) as Sports Casters. So, what’s the deal?

4) I have no interest in watching shows that deal exclusively with so-called “women’s issues”, or that rely upon “celebrities” to draw a viewing audience — so I don’t watch soap operas or most of the daytime talk shows, or tune in to programs like “Dancing With The Stars” or “Celebrity Apprentice”, or (God Forbid) Celebrity Big Brother. I frankly could care less what most celebrities and quasi-celebrities are doing in their private lives. Actually, most of the “celebrities” these days (a lot of them appearing on the covers of the tabloids at the grocery store check-out registers) seem to be reality show cast members anyway, because I have NO IDEA who they are, and no remote interest in finding out.

5) Finally, I do not watch reality TV shows that rely upon massive conflict, negativity, back-biting, and behaving badly in front of a camera. Why are these shows apparently “guilty pleasures” for so many women? “Real Housewives”? Really? And competition shows (like “Big Brother”) that encourage competitors to stab one another (even figuratively speaking) in the back to get ahead do NOT appeal to me because I feel they set a horrible example and reward bad behavior. Don’t we already have enough of that in business and, God forbid, politics?

So, am I really that ODD, or am I simply not meeting enough like-minded women — at least outside of the SCA?

One thought on “Atypical?

  1. Donnalee says:

    I’m with you. I’m technically female, but not somehow made into a girly-girl or someone reduced to shopping as a lifestyle or sport. *shrug* I read, used to do a ton of martial arts, any kind of activity, but I do not see things as gender-divided. I’m not a tv watcher, since I just don’t want the stress and bs that goes with it.

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