The Spiked Ceiling

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April 6, 2018 by phicks2012

There’s been a great deal of talk about shattering the “Glass Ceiling”, about women getting equal pay for equal work, and about more females in management positions. I’ve heard it said/speculated fairly often that if more women were in charge ours would be a kinder, gentler world, and I’d really LOVE — being a woman myself — to believe that. I’d love to be that sort of optimist, and to have a reason to be. Unfortunately, while this is probably going to offend more than a few people, I’m afraid my own life experience has taught me otherwise. Sorry Ladies.

Women can be just as dishonest, and manipulative, and nasty, and greedy, and abusive of power as men, and the saddest part is that in my experience they generally tend to target other women. Instead of supporting other women, they will all too often sabotage them, so no WONDER there’s still a Glass Ceiling. Too many women are actually helping to maintain it.

You’d think they’d want to support other females in the workforce in order to make working environments better for all women, but that is definitely not what I’ve seen in my own life. I’ve had male bosses behave inappropriately and engage in sexual harassment, and men hired and paid more to do the job I’ve been doing for some time without any hope of a raise or benefits, and that sucks. But the nastiest work situations I’ve been a part of have all been the fault of other women engaging in vicious office politics and rivalries.

As much as it dismays me to say this, I’ve personally had only three or four really good female co-workers, supervisors, and bosses — combined. Most of the rest were willing to step all over other women in the workplace to get ahead. They would take credit for the good work of others, blame others for their mistakes, start foul office gossip about perceived rivals, refuse to pass along instructions (or pass along the WRONG instructions), incite arguments and feuds between other female co-workers, and try to poison customers and clients against them. This sort of behavior often made me ashamed of my own gender, and still does.

While this is most prevalent in the workplace, it’s also often true outside of that environment. Women will all too often blame other women when a man (or partner of any flavor) cheats or has a wandering eye. They will fight each other over a worthless sack of excrement no woman in her right mind (and with any ounce self-respect at all) should want, and will blame the other women rather than the actual culprit. They can also take personal offense at literally nothing, and then expect the other person to “know” why they are suddenly snitty, or totally uncommunicative, or nasty.

On the positive side, women are known to be naturally maternal and protective, to have a high tolerance for pain, to be more verbally communicative than men, and to be generally more emotional, but does this make them better bosses, or politicians, or CEOs, or Generals? It should, but I’d have to say “Probably not”.

I do have some really great female friends, and I’d love to see men and women get equal treatment across the board, and equal opportunities, and equal pay, and equal benefits, but I can’t say I think it would be any improvement in general to have a matriarchy with women in charge rather than a patriarchy. As long as we reward back-biting, and negative behavior in both sexes I’m afraid we’d just be getting another flavor of BAD.

So I’m not as concerned about breaking the “Glass Ceiling” as with breaking the “Spiked Ceiling” by encouraging and rewarding excellence, teamwork, honesty, loyalty, and kindness in any gender. That’s what we need more of. Not more females. Not more males. Not more of ANY specific gender orientation. More chivalry.

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