“The Song of the War”

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April 3, 2018 by phicks2012

My main hobby happens to be historical reenactment in the SCA. As a result, I’ve written rather a lot of poetry relating to that hobby.

The following verse it one of those, written relating to The Pennsic War — where over 10,000 of those fortunate enough to go live in tents and dress in garb for two weeks every year in the wilds of Pennsylvania — and fight in or watch battles, take classes, shop for a wonderful variety of items, and participate in all sorts of other activities.

The actual war takes place between the Kingdoms of the East and the Midrealm, but it’s actually held in the kingdom of Aethelmearc, and the other SCA Kingdoms throughout the world ally themselves with one side or the other to compete in battles, but also in things like Arts & Sciences, service, etc.

Hopefully some will enjoy this verse. I always enjoyed the War!

The Song of the War

There are two bold creatures that dwell in the north;
Their voices the klaxons to call warriors forth.
When the Dragon takes wing and the Tiger doeth roar
The sound of their singing is the song of the war.

Come Kings and come Princes, and all who may dare,
And shield-maidens striding; the wind in their hair.
The known worlds is gathering by Cooper’s Lake shore,
And their voices are raised in the song of the war.

Come all ye brave warriors, and take sword in hand,
And fight your great battles while youth says “You can”.
Unfurl your brave banners, and surge to the fore,
And lift up your voices in the song of the war.

Come all you fair Ladies to watch battles rage,
And join in the turning of history’s page.
Beneath bright pavilions that pennants fly o’er,
The joy of your laughter is the song of the war.

Come dancer and minstrel to fires blazing high,
Where music delights ‘neath a star-laden sky.
Come merchant and guildsman, come jester and more,
For the drums beat a rhythm to the song of the war.

Oh the Tiger is roaring, and its eyes boldly gleam,
And the Dragon is soaring on the wings of a dream.
May they battle with honor, and be praised evermore,
For their glory’s as immortal as the song of the war.

[May 7th, A.S. XXVIII, 1993]

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