Just Add Water?

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March 13, 2018 by phicks2012

My housemate Jason can fix just about anything. He can get plans or instructions from Family Handyman and build most things they describe, and he can figure out how (cleverly) to disguise most cosmetic damages at my rentals that might otherwise cost me dearly. He can re-plumb a house, do electrical work, and repair an air conditioner. He can hang sheetrock, lay concrete and brick, mend fences, and do simple automotive repairs. However, when it comes to some things his solutions are not necessarily what I would term “shrewd” or “far-sighted”.

I buy concentrated dish washing liquid, because I then have to use less to achieve suds. Right, but the liquid level in the bottle never seems to get lower because Jason keeps adding water to make it last longer. The color gets lighter, the liquid thinner and thinner, and suds harder and harder to manage — so of course I have to use more and more to get suds every time I hand-wash any dishes. As a result, the contents don’t actually last longer at all. It’s an illusion!

When I buy a gallon of paint to use for painting or touch-up painting at my rentals, he does the same thing. He keeps adding water to make it go further, only it really doesn’t. It just gets thinner and covers less completely, and I wind up buying another gallon anyway to finish the job — if we’re doing more than just touching up a small wall patch.

When he gets into my liquor or wine supply he also does the same thing, more or less. He doesn’t water down the contents, but he replaces the missing contents with water — like I’m not eventually going to notice. One year I bought three bottles of Mead as Christmas gifts, and thank GOD I noticed something was hinky with the corks before wrapping them or I’d have given bottled tap/well water (albeit in mead bottles) as gifts!

I noticed the same thing the other day with my A1 Steak Sauce, which is normally thick-ish but which poured out of the bottle like fruit juice when I went to use it. Yep. Something told me that water had been added to that too. Imagine that!

So whenever I see instructions reading “Just Add Water” my first reaction isn’t to think “How convenient!”. My first reaction if to think of Jason. LOL!

Life is interesting. 😉

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