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March 9, 2018 by phicks2012

Let me start this off by saying that I basically HATE “Politics”, and that I believe less than 10% of what most politicians say (and 0% of what other politicians say) — which is pretty much why I hate “Politics”.

I don’t hate “Social Media”. It serves a useful purpose, but unless I’m hearing first-hand information from someone I trust and know to be generally unbiased — with no perpetual ax to grind and no propensity to accept as fact anything they hear or see in print — I do not automatically accept what I’m told THERE as gospel either. It’s WAY too frequently BS, scams, or flagrant propaganda.

I’ve received FAR too many dire warnings from well-meaning friends concerning Facebook scams that don’t exist, being begged to pass the information along for the sake of other potential victims, not to be a skeptic, and folks, please don’t take it personally that I NEVER pass those things along and ALWAYS double-check. Thanks, šŸ˜‰

I’ve seen WAY too many rants on “Facebook”, and earlier on “Email Lists”, and earlier still on “BBS” (Computer Bulletin Boards), where people dove passionately off the deep end over nothing, not to be a “Doubting Thomasina”. I’m reminded of the poor poster who was accused (and the rhetoric was both hateful and irrational) of animal cruelty for using the phrase “more than one way to skin a cat”, but I digress.

Some things do need to be brought up and (rationally) discussed, and some of them are serious. However, while there are plenty of threats in our world to deal with, some people see conspiracies — and foreign/UFO/domestic/economic/moral threats — where none really exist. Still others are far too eager to see offense or ill-intent where none was offered, or the believe whole-heartedly anything negative (and no matter how ridiculous) said about a member of a rival political party. I’m not sure why, because I have better, more positive ways to spend MY time than to seek out ways to be offended or threatened, or bogus excuses to rant, but clearly a lot of people don’t have that preference.

I’ve seen reputations trashed for no good reason at all, thanks to the eager participation of well-meaning people who are basing their virulent opinions totally upon inaccurate or outright fraudulent hearsay. Now THAT is something I’m very MUCH against!

So if you have a cause and I don’t jump eagerly and blindly onto your particular “Bandwagon”, it doesn’t mean that I’m “siding against you” or “condoning” what you are “condemning” or “hate everything you stand for”. It just doesn’t. It might be a very nice “Bandwagon”. šŸ˜‰

But I’ve become a serious skeptic, and with good reason. I’ve seen first-hand what happens, and what harm can be done, when knees jerk and people don’t check their facts.

I’m not an alarmist, or a conspiracy theorist, and I’d really rather not be a “Chicken Little”, especially if my actions serve to damage someone else who did little or nothing to deserve it. I accept all sorts of people as friends, and I try very hard to collect facts and make decisions based more upon reflection and logic than upon emotion.

So please, understand that when you pour out your causes and emotional or moral concerns to me and I do not immediately begin shouting “Damnit!! Something Must Be Done to Stop This!!!” it isn’t necessarily because I don’t sympathize. I might agree with you in principle, but simply feel compelled to verify certain details — and that doesn’t mean I think you’re personally lying or deliberately trying to mislead me. It just doesn’t, even if I find out you’re reacting to a total hoax.

I simply have an innate distrust for “Common Knowledge”, vitriolic “Social Media Threads”, and —-yes, “Politics”. So there you have it. šŸ˜‰

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