March 6, 2018 by phicks2012

The verse below is not presumed by me to be great poetry. I’m not even really sure it’s “decent” poetry, passable as such under the basic definitions offered my Mirriam Webster, which are:

1 a : metrical writing : verse
b : the productions of a poet : poems
2 : writing that formulates a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience in language chosen and arranged to create a specific emotional response through meaning, sound, and rhythm
3 a : something likened to poetry especially in beauty of expression
b : poetic quality or aspect the poetry of dance

Sometimes when I whip out a verse I really like it, and think to myself “Self, that really isn’t bad!” That happens when the language seems to flow and the imagery seems to keep pace. On the other hand, sometimes — even whan I start out with a good idea — the language and imagery seem just a bit awkward and I wind up saying to myself “Eh! Well, it has rhyme and meter, and isn’t offensive”.

This one fits into the “Ho-Hum” category, in my opinion, but you’re being subjected to it anyway! Oh, and if you thought it was about football fans, or Blake Shelton fans, or NASCAR fans — well, nope. LOL!



They sweep the air to stir the vagrant breeze,
And oft enamoured of enfeathered vanes,
Or painted bright with patterns shaped to please,
They spring to hand soon after winter wanes.

And when Apollo’s transit ‘cross the sky
Is most unshaded by the oaken leaf,
And dancing fire-sprites o’er the forests fly,
And zephyrs fail, they offer sweet relief.

They coyly hide the swift flirtatious smile,
And pair with nimble steps in graceful dance,
And flare to dulcet music, versatile
In their avail; the essence of romance.

And through the ages, barely touched by time,
They sooth our souls, and fiery flesh appease;
With grace unfolding, softer zephyrs mime,
And bear us service on a gentle breeze.

[25 February, 2018]

3 thoughts on ““Fans”

  1. PMu says:

    I enjoy this, I get that you might feel that not everyone is a winner, but I loved it none the less

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