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March 2, 2018 by phicks2012

Is it just me, or is it now considered “stylish” for men to be rail thin and to wear suits several sizes too small that appear to be too short in the leg and sleeve length, and to ride up in the crotch enough to look like walking wedgies?

I’ll admit that I am not stylish. I generally have no IDEA what is (or is not) stylish in a given week, and could generally care less. When I was a young girl/woman I did make an effort to be more current, but in those days styles didn’t change on a daily basis, and a “designer label” read something like “Wrangler” or “Bobbie Brooks”. In any case, most haute coutureunfortunately only really looks good on models — or on women built like models — and there have always been some styles I’ve found absurd.

Pants worn hanging down around the thighs with the crotch sagging down somewhere in the general vicinity of the knees is one of those. Beehive and exagerated Mohawk hair styles are another. Then there’s 3D nail art that won’t allow you to use your hands for even the simplest of tasks, and shoes that look (and probably feel) like bondage devices. Hip-hugger pants and crop tops on women with bellies and muffin-tops, and too-short t-shirts on men with guts — those have to go on the list too. Sorry folks, but…………….

Nothing I wear really looks “good” on me anymore anyway, but tight-fitting outer clothing is another style I find questionable on anyone without a perfect body — and perfect is so subjective. Still, every time I see some too-skinny male celeb on TV wearing a shiny, micro-lapelled suit that’s riding up into places it ought to stay out of — well, I have to wonder what sadist decided this was attractive. Was it you? If so, we have to talk! 😉

Bad enough that it’s been decreed (by someone somewhere) that skinny is attractive in men — though I suppose I ought to be ecstatic that it’s finally THEIR TURN. After all, women have been bombarded for GENERATIONS with images of skinny women they’re supposed to look like in order to be deemed attractive. However, I do still like to LOOK at attractive men, and when I see “skinny” my eyes just pass them right on by. Accentuating “skinny” by encasing it in too-tight clothing just makes it even LESS attractive to me, and accentuating skinny further with tall hair styles that draw the eye vertically…Nah!!

Not that it would matter in the slightest to them what I think, but the man who resembles the 90-pound weakling in the old Charles Atlas ads, or, worse yet, a crack addict, should probably reconsider before before wearing styles or fabrics guaranteed to display his total lack of musculature. If I want to look at skeletons, I’ll visit a medical school or a store selling Halloween decorations. Just sayin’….;-)

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