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February 16, 2018 by phicks2012

I’m never sure, when I decide to write poetry, what form it will take. It could be anything, but on this occasion I’d been talking to a friend who’d been the victim of a smear campaign. Someone had decided to target her, and having myself been similarly victimized in the past, I found myself thinking once again about how people in general seem inclined to believe salacious rumor without a single trace of proof.

Just as people continue to believe ridiculous claims and rumors delivered via tabloids, tabloid TV and social media, they will also believe vicious rumors spread by vindictive people. But the people who conceive and start such rumors are, to my mind, beneath contempt, and I was thus inspired to write the verse below.


Spread thickly like honey, but tasting of bile,
And scented with malice are words falsely spread.
They ooze downward, swelling to rivers of guile,
And pool up in darkness by calumny fed.

From lips hard and spiteful aspersions may spill
In torrents malignant, uncluttered by truth,
To poison the waters of unsullied rills;
Malevolence dripped from a venomous tooth.

So, guard well your footsteps, tread not in the mire,
Where lies thickly gather in toxicant pools
Unwholesome and putrid, conceived by the liar
To snare the unwary, and make of them fools.

[12 February, A.S. LII, 2018]

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