Elevating My Lifestyle, Part Trois

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February 13, 2018 by phicks2012

So, I blogged the other day about my latest campaign to get my home elevator running again without being mercilessly gouged by the only elevator company (here deliberately unnamed) supposedly capable of working on it — and whose quotes have proven to be about as reliable as a Jell-o skyscraper.

Despite being led to believe (by their repair technician “Crafty Craig”) that the aging electric motor powering my hoist was Proprietary Technology — somehow only available from an elevator manufacturer, and only available to a licensed elevator company — you may recall that an electrical tech company in Atlanta had one in stock and available to ANYone for about 56% of the price the elevator repair company quoted for the same thing. $537.00 vs. $950.00, and even with taxes and shipping it was $607.00 total. “Deliberately Unnamed Elevator Repair Company”, have you NO SHAME?

So it arrived on my doorstep one January afternoon, with the drive shaft poking out through a hole in the packaging — Thank You Fedex — and when we turned the shaft by hand it very literally squealed like a stuck pig. Right! Just perfect!! <— Note sarcasm here. But Jason checked it out and figured out that the racket was caused by the end cover being slightly dented in — Love You, Fedex. Fortunately, the end cap off of the old motor fit, and that fortunately put a stop to noise. Of course, Jason still had to connect the wiring and mount the new motor, but we figured that would be done in just a few days at most. Yep.

He hauled it up to the attic, 50-punds of electric motor up two flights of stairs — and I applaud him for it — but he still had to do the installation and find out whether or not the elevator worked, and unfortunately fate intervened. One of my rental tenants had to be evicted — on the eighth try — and the vacated unit had to be readied ASAP for new occupants. So we got busy with the repairs and improvements just when we most needed a lift — get it? “Lift”? Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

But, fingers crossed that with the rental unit now readied, we finally can do the deed and get the elevator running again. In the meanwhile, at this writing, we still don’t have the elevator — just “the shaft”.

Well, SOMEbody had to say it, right? 😉

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