A Wing & A Prayer?

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February 10, 2018 by phicks2012

Okay, so the other day, while out-and-about, I was in the mood for chicken wings. There are still places that produce and serve actual “Wings”, but nowadays the trend seems to be toward so-called “Boneless Wings”, and unfortunately, on that occasion, I took a chance on some of those.

Who were they kidding? These boneless wings were nothing more than chicken nuggets with some sort of wing sauce on them. Aside from the fact that I assumed them to be made of chicken meat, there were really no similarities as far as I could tell, and, as a result, I was very disappointed.

Because I was still in the mood for “wings”, the next day while shopping I purchased — on impulse — a package of so-called “frozen chicken wings”. That’s what the package said, and the picture on the package was of whole wings. Can you say “false advertising”? Unfortunately, when I opened the package to cook them they looked nothing like that picture. They were, of course, chicken nuggets, and not even good ones. Nor was the sauce particularly palatable, and I wound up tossing them out into the woods for undescriminating scavengers after the first taste.

So, I’m thinking that this is some sort of marketing trend designed to fool people into purchasing re-titled chicken nuggets posing as wings. In any case, I’ve learned my lesson, and no longer will believe that just because a package shows a picture of the contents the actual contents will even remotely resemble the photo. More research will obviously be required e’er I open my wallet again to purchase frozen “chicken wings”.

And as for take-out, I live out in the boonies where eating establishments — assuming I’m not in the mood to cook — are not exactly jockeying for space at every intersection, and where NO ONE delivers. If I want take-out, I have to drive at least 6 miles to get it, and for a real dine-in restaurant the distances are greater. I don’t want to drive that far NOT to get what I want, right?

So I did some checking, meaning I called the restaurants and asked. Wing Street and Zaxby’s both say they still have “real wings” (in addition to the ersatz “boneless wings”), but the “wings” at Sonic are the “boneless wings” only, and Popeye’s Ghost Pepper Wings (while their TV commercial shows actual wing segments) are, according to the empolyee I spoke with, also only the “boneless” posers. I’m really hoping that emoployee was deluded or had inhaled too much cajun spice. Amici’s had real wings the last time I checked, and not so long ago I got some great wings at Atlanta Pizza & Gyro. However, it’s beginning to look like you almost have to go to a sit-down-and-eat restaurant to get them anymore. On the other hand, KFC tells me their Hot Wings are bone-in, so maybe not EVERYONE is faking it. There may still be “hope”, but I still wouldn’t count on advertised “wings” being actual “WINGS” without checking first. Just sayin’. 😉

Hint to dining establishments: If I want “chicken wings”, I really do want “chicken wings”. You know, the things chickens use to fly with? If I want freaking nuggets, I will order “nuggets”.

Unfortunately, I’m still in the mood for “Wings”, and when I talk about “A Wing and a Prayer” it’s because I’m praying for “the real thing”! 😉

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