“Imperfect Lives”

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February 7, 2018 by phicks2012

I sometimes think that far to many human beings are motivated by fear. They hate those they believe are favored unfairly by fate, or wealth, or education, or social connection. They fear that others will claim what little they do have, and hate those others as a result.

It’s sad and tragic that some people are born into apalling situations, and that sometimes it can seem impossible for them to climb their way out, while others appear to be born to lives of indulgence and affluence.

But I somehow continue to believe that all human beings have burdens to bear, and trials to suffer, and that hating one another it not the answer.

The following verse came from that belief.


Imperfect Lives

Imperfect lives, in these imperfect times,
No rare exception are; nor ours alone
To suffer and lament in songs and rhymes.
They are the common lot, when hope is flown,
And building rage the highest steeple climbs.
When we eschew delight, and fate bemoan,
To horror sighted but to grace stone-blind,
We stand despondent, by our fears defined.

Then, looking out upon a wider land
Where others seem to snatch our chance at weal,
And do not suffer the unjust demand,
Nor comprehend the helplessness we feel,
Then anger grows, and we may raise a hand
To strike at those that our advantage steal,
Not seeing that within thier manors grand
They also weep, and do not understand.

For those we most in envy’s grasp despise,
They also tread, with but a different load;
Their burdens do but wear a another guise.
We all must journey on the selfsame road,
Where all shall stumble, only to arise,
And travel on, to seek our souls’ abode,
And yet may learn, if we be strong and wise,
That all men weep, and live imperfect lives.

[29 January, 2018]


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