“The Hearth”


January 26, 2018 by phicks2012

I love open fires. I love to watch fires burn, and I love the scent of wood smoke, and I love the warmth that spreads out from the fire pit or from the fireplace. I love the soft crackling sound a fire makes, and many are the times I’ve fallen asleep in a comfy chair in front of a blazing fire or a glowing bed of embers. During a recent bout with winter storm Inga, who brought with her snow and unusually cold weather, I once again built a fire on the hearth, and was inspired.

The verse below is not one of my greater ones, but enjoy it if you will. I will also be publishing it in our monthly SCA newsletter, The Equinox.


The Hearth

A spark in the kindling to call forth the flames,
And feeding their hunger with temperate breath
Like summoning fairies by calling their names
We softly encourage an oaken log’s death.
To see it consumed by the fire sprites who rise,
With slow, fiery tongues that will lick it away,
But sharing their heat as they claim their great prize
They chase back the winter, her grasp to allay.
The flames they leap higher in crimson attired,
Exhaling the scent of congenial smoke;
Rising up the tall chimney its vigor acquired
While the flame sprites are gorging on portions of oak.
We watch their sure hunger, hypnotic and swift,
And sit by the hearth watching flames have their day;
As they feed, gently offering warmth as their gift
As they gather to chase the cold winter away.

[20 January, 2018]

2 thoughts on ““The Hearth”

  1. Donnalee says:

    Nice verse; and I’m with you: the smell of woodsmoke reminds me veryvery much of long-ago SCA days, and I love it.

  2. phicks2012 says:

    Me too. When did you stop playing with the SCA?

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