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December 29, 2017 by phicks2012

Who Selects “Hold Music”?

Why is it that you always have to turn the volume up on your mobile phone to hear agents or technicians when you call for tech support, but then when you’re put on HOLD the music is loud enough to be heard in another room (or adjacent state) and is often also music you really would never choose to listen to?

The other day I called Apple Help to ask them how to get a video OFF of my IPhone and saved as a “video file” on my computer. I could barely hear the agent, and had to crank the volume all the way up to manage it, but then she said she needed to transfer me to their “Photo Department” and put me on hold. YIKES!!!

The music –well, there are too many categories nowadays for me to make a valid attempt at the style, but it nearly blasted my ear off. I put the call on hands-free so that I could do other things while I waited, but had to reduce the volume to less than half for it even to be bearable, and to tell the truth, I was concerned that another agent would finally pick up and I wouldn’t even know –except that the blaring music would have stopped.

Actually, that’s what happened, several times, though with the original agent, who eventually told me that apparently the Photo Dept didn’t “support that”. Interesting. In the meanwhile, of course, I was adjusting the volume up and down — and up and down — and up and down to spare my eardrums unnecessary trauma while I waited on hold for ANYone else to pick up and offer assistance.

However, the call (while an hour long) ended well, and the tech was able to tell me how to import the photos and videos easily from my phone to my computer, which was just what I wanted to do. She was very patient, and when she couldn’t connect to the Photo Dept she asked someone else who was able to help her to help me.

I like it when that happens! The volume of the Hold Music — not so much! 😉

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