Sharing Snow?

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December 19, 2017 by phicks2012

On December 9th it snowed.

Well, it sort of snowed, and I took several videos using my phone. Simple. However, I hadn’t really used my phone much for videos previously — at least, for videos I ever expected to keep — and this time I wanted to save the videos as files on my computer. There I hit a SNAG!!

Unfortunately I could NOT get them off of my phone to my computer via email as I’d been doing routinely (and easily) with my static photos. Nope. 19-seconds, and still “too large” to email?? I had no luck “sending as an attachment” either, because they just never showed up anywhere — unless, of course, some totally befuddled recipient out there in the ether got them, and is still wondering where the hell they came from. šŸ˜‰

So I shelved THAT notion fairly quickly, and tried various other options like trying to make a direct connection between phone and computer, but my computer simply did not recognize my phone as an alternate drive or other data source. Nope. Obviously software was required, but of course I didn’t know what it was. Figures!

I started to save to The Cloud, but my computer didn’t seem to recognize THAT as a drive or alternate data source either, so — finally out of ideas and exasperated — I fell back on posting the video to my Facebook page. I mean, I can copy PHOTOS off of Facebook and save them, right? But videos? Nah! I STILL could not save it to my computer! That simply was not an option.

I saved it to my Facebook video list, which still didn’t get it to my computer as a file but from which I could access a URL to post as a link. That worked, after a fashion, but it didn’t work if I “only” shared it with a private Group. NO!!! I had to share it with EVERYBODY!! REALLY?????

Then I tried to share another of the videos, only this time my phone said I needed to be “logged in” to the Facebook app, which I already was. I tried re-logging with the same results, so I changed settings (temporarily) to allow my Facebook account access to my phone photos — something I really did not want to do even though I have absolutely NOTHING kinky there — and then Facebook stopped working on my phone until I logged in again. PITA!!

Hey! I just wanted to access it for this BLOG, but NOOOOOO!

Anyhow, I finally decided that until I worked this out somehow I simply needed to make videos using my regular camera, from which I could easily download them and THEN share them on Facebook — if I WANTED to. I mean, as strange and bizarre as it might sound to some millennials, not all of us want everything saved to our phones and social media, but nowhere else!!!! There HAD to be a simple way to transfer videos off of my phone without sharing them with the virtual world via Facebook or some other public platform!!!!!! So, what WAS it?????

The Answer: I eventually called for tech support, and there DID turn out to be a simple solution. It wasn’t an “intuitive” solution, mind you, but it was a solution. The “Photos” app on Windows10 will do it if the phone is connected to the computer! Who’d have thought!!!! Well, apparently, not ME!! LOL!!!

So I got it saved, but when I tried to include it in this BLOG, I got an error message saying that file type was not allowed for “security reasons”. As a result, I gave up — for NOW! The photo below is a static flashback to 2014 when it actually DID snow enough for scenic images! šŸ˜‰

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