Snow Before Christmas?


December 12, 2017 by phicks2012

I live in the south, and where I live we rarely have a White Christmas. In fact, we rarely have snowfall until the dead of winter — maybe January or February, but almost never in December.

This year on Saturday December 8th I was planning to daytrip to an SCA event called Magna Faire over in Alabama with one of my proteges (Lucien) and his Lady (Juliane), but that day they actually started brining roads around Atlanta in preparation for possible snow and ice. They were also forecasting those conditions across a swath of the south, so Lucien and I had a brief Facebook chat and he told me he’d been getting reports from friends that I-20 was icy and that there were even some trees down in the area already. That smacked of possible “Ice Storm”, and we promptly decided that “just maybe” driving over to Pell City, AL and back the next day “might” not necessarily be the best idea. Cowardly, maybe. Intelligent, yes. πŸ˜‰

So I woke up on December 9th to snow. It was only sticking to the tops of our vehicles, really, but it was definitely snowing, and the temperature wasn’t forecast to rise above 44-degrees all day here at the Castle before going down again below freezing on Saturday night.

If I was hoping, as I WAS in my childlike wonder, for a blanket of snow, I was going to be disappointed, alas! However, seeing snow fall before Christmas was nice even if we did feel compelled to wimp out on Magna Faire.

By the way, I tried to include a video taken on my phone, but no method worked!! Go figure!

One thought on “Snow Before Christmas?

  1. phicks2012 says:

    Finally figured out how to handle that video issue πŸ˜‰

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