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November 24, 2017 by phicks2012

I’m on Facebook — just not all the time. I do play World of Warcraft on-line, do Heraldic commentary and consulting in the SCA, and check my email, but a lot of what I do (even on my computer) has nothing to do with the internet. Yeah, and I even have something of a life off-line in the real world.

I write poetry and prose (the fictional sort), create comic strips, read books, and work on SCA newsletters and projects. I also have to spare SOME time for housework and gardening and eventing, and socializing, and meetings, and cooking and enjoying movies and TV and sports. I multi-task a lot — watching TV while working on my computer, just for example — so I only check in with Facebook sporadically, and almost NEVER Tweet or bother to see what other people are Tweeting. Sorry, Mr. President. Well, not really.

But I realize that some people do spend a LOT of time on social media, because (on Facebook alone) they Share several dozen posts a day — easily. When I check my Notifications there are always l-o-n-g runs of posts every day shared by the exact same people, and while I adore them as people I really have to wonder where they find the time.

Probably they’re “following” someone who posts a lot, so all they have to do is hit the Share button a lot to pass them on, but this does seem to go on nearly all day every day, so it still follows that they’re spending a lot more time on Facebook than I am, or want to.

Sometimes it’s a series of “cute animal” videos (cats and dogs mainly, but occasionally other forms of wildlife), and sometimes it’s funny memes or posters, and sometimes it’s a series of political rants (from one side of the aisle or the other) just to get people riled up. It’s usually one of the three though, so I tend to get innundated with cute animals, memes and politics.

To prove a point, I counted the other day, and of the last 100 notifications on my list, 2/3rds were shares from just three people. That’s 62%, and while some of these might have been well worth watching for the humor (intentional or unintentional) they contained, that’s still a LOT of SHARES!

I appreciate that they want to share things they really like, but unfortunately, because there are just SO MANY shares, I’m afraid I’ve mostly stopped looking at them. That means I’ve probably missed a vast number of really entertaining photos or videos, but then again I’ve also saved enough time to possibly have written a best seller (wishful thinking in a talent sense, but true in a chronological sense). 😉

So don’t share this unless you find it absolutely FASCINATING! LOL.

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