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November 21, 2017 by phicks2012

The following is not an attempt at great epic poetry. It was simply inspired (when I seemingly had nothing better to do) by watching my cat sleep. While it’s also not specifically SCA related (or historically relevant), I will be publishing it, nevertheless, in our monthly SCA newsletter “The Equinox”, because I’m the Chronicler and have just a bit of space to fill.

Hopefully, some of you will enjoy it.



See the curled comma of limp-muscled bliss
Coiled up on the fleece, with her muzzle tucked down
To give the claimed blanket a secretive kiss,
While issuing rumbles of comforting sound.

In that serene softness where slumber runs deep
And dreams whiskered scurry to realms of the night,
She arches, extending a claw in her sleep,
Her prey but a whisper of dream, out of sight.

In dreaming a tiger, in spirit she stalks,
But softer than moonlight in summer she seems,
With pleasure she measures where wonderment walks,
So surely adoring the world in her dreams.

[13 November A.S. LII, 2017]

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