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October 31, 2017 by phicks2012

When very young (our first 21 years of life especially) everything goes too slowly, but we are in a terrible hurry to grow up, leave our parents, have our own lives, be allowed to drink, and to be a real adult.

Later on (our second 21 years from age 22-43) things have to go quickly. We have to rush to start a successful career, find a mate, have and raise a family if we ever want to do so, because if we wait too long it May be too late.

When we’re older still (during the third 21 years from age 44-65, we’re in a different sort of hurry because we have less time left, but we have different time limits. We need to save for old age, and have less time to do that, and if our first try at love failed we may be looking to try again before we’re “too old”.

By the fourth 21 years (age 66-87) We’re already retired, or too old to have children, and finding the right mate only matters if we’re lonely, or afraid of growing old alone. By then we are in no hurry at all to see time pass, but we have to knowledge of life, and the leisure to look back.

The poem below is not a great one, but it was written with this in mind, and while not specifically SCA related will be published eventually in our Shire’s monthly newsletter “The Equinox”.



Eager youth will rush to childhood’s end
With restless haste, all yearning to take wing;
Impatient, they for freedom longing sing
The songs of life they’ve written on the wind.

Quickly! Older, time they spurn to waste,
Ready to seize love and opulence,
To make their marks, all in the present tense;
Scurrying the fruits of life to taste.

Hurry, hurry, while the time remains,
Older souls will strive and rush to rise
Amassing wealth, with need to seize the prize
Before their youth and lust and longing wains.

Not so quickly, when the rush is past,
No more wearing quite the flush of youth.
Older eyes more surely see the truth
Understanding patience now at last.

Slower, slower, as the daylight fades,
Pausing to remember and forget,
Then shall age exalt, and not regret
The laughter, and the simple accolades.

[30 October 2017]

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