Lights & Loose Wires

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October 27, 2017 by phicks2012

The other day I went outside and noticed that The Beast had a wire — with a plug on the end of it — dangling underneath. I hadn’t noticed this previously, and because the spot where I park the vehicle is elevated the wire was clearly visible as soon as I walked out the door, so obviously it hadn’t been hanging there long. Otherwise, I’d have noticed it earlier.

Then, after starting the car, I noticed that the brake light on the instrument panel was lit, and would not go off. I engaged and released the parking brake several times without having any effect, and wasn’t certain whether or not the dangling wire had any bearing on the issue. However, the coincidence was certainly suggestive.

I was going to the grocery store at the time, and next door to that is an auto parts store, so I stopped off there, purchased some brake fluid — just in case the brake light problem might be low fluid levels — and asked to be shown where to add it. Oddly enough, I’d never done this myself, and when the guy went out to show me he stated that my brake fluid level was just fine. He also said he had no idea where the loose plug connected, so I was 0-for-2. Figures.

I didn’t return the supposedly unneeded bottle of brake fluid, but decided to keep it in case I did need it in the future, and I still had no idea where the dangling plug went or why my brake light remained lit. Crap!

So, the next day I went to the mechanic I normally use, asking if the loose plug might relate to the persistent brake light. But, while they’re normally very helpful and obliging — well, this time I was told they didn’t have time even to glance at the plug. I was advised to bring it back another day, preferably really early one morning — and I might have done so if the issue had seemed to me to be one that might endanger me, the vehicle, anyone riding with me, or anyone chancing to get in my way.

Instead, I dropped by another garage I’d used in the past, and a very nice mechanic walked outside, glanced at the wire, and said “Nope, that wouldn’t affect the brake light”. However, he also stooped down and plugged it back in — Jason hadn’t been able to figure out where it reconnected, but this guy did — so that was one problem dealt with. 1-for-2. Then he popped the hood, grinned, added the brake fluid, and the light went out. Apparently the guy at the auto parts place had been wrong. 2-for-2. Hallellujah!

So all it really took was for a knowledgeable person to have a quick look. It took 2 minutes, and he refused to charge me. Thanks Precision Automotive in Covington, GA for being just what I needed!!!

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