Things I Have NO Interest in Watching on TV

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October 17, 2017 by phicks2012

[Short List – Short BLOG]

100% of all Political Commercials. If I want fiction, I’ll seek it out. šŸ˜‰

95% of all Infomercials. Hour-long commercials? Really? What sadist thought THOSE up?

90% of all shows with the word “Celebrity” in their name. Any program relying upon showcasing “celebrities” — frequently has-beens or wanna-bes or reality show “stars” I wouldn’t recognize on a BET (that includes you, “Housewives”) — to draw an audience is not likely to be one I’ll watch for more than 5 minutes without changing the channel.

85% of all Reality Shows. No explantion should be necessary here!

80% of all Entertainment Reporting. TMZ can be funny, but otherwise, I just don’t care. šŸ˜‰

75% of all Dark Depressing Dramas. If I want to be depressed, I’ll watch politics and the Nightly News, thanks.

70% of all Sitcoms. Let’s face it, only about 25% are actually funny, and I might be giving another 5% the benefit of the doubt. If I need a laugh-track to cue me when dialogue is supposed to be funny, and still sit stone-faced and bored, or find the humor juvenile or offensive, I definitely should find something better to do, right? šŸ˜‰

65% of all movies based on Video Games. Lots of CGI and, in my opinion, very little actual plot or character development in WAY too many of these!

60% of all Animated Shows or Films. The good ones, created for a general audience, can be awesome, but if the target audience is under the age of 5 or into extraneous gore, I definitely can pass.

55% of all Horror Movies. I can definitely pass on those with huge amounts of gratuitous gore and totally implausible plots that are not absurd enough to laugh at.

50% of all Regular Commercials. Hey, SOME ads are funny, or this would be higher on the list!!

45% of Spin-Offs and Sequels. You get some good ones, but too often what you get is someone’s attempt to capitalize on a good idea that has run it’s course, and to do it BADLY.

40% of all Sports Reporting Shows. If I don’t follow the sport, I’m even less interested in hearing it talked about.

35% of all Talk Shows. There are some very good talk shows, but then again — the ones that suck REALLY SUCK. Jerry Springer? I mean, how is that even still on the air???

30% of all Documentaries. I like good ones, but then again…some people will make documentaries about ANYTHING.

25% of all Comedy Specials. Hey, some of these are just NOT funny, even when the comic in question has a national reputation.

20% of all Sports. I love sports, but I can pretty easily pass on watching NASCAR, Basketball, Golf, Hunting and Fishing, just to name a few, and if Extreme Hopscotch ever gets televised, I’ll skip that too.

15% of all Science Fiction. I’ll actually even watch BAD Sci-Fi if I can laugh at it, but Bad Sci-Fi that takes itself seriously is a total waste of time.

10% of all Nature Shows. When you’re in the mood for them, most nature shows are pretty good, actually. Just a few, though, are too boring to watch.

05% of all Reruns of Really Good Shows. If I haven’t seen the episode a gazillion times I’ll still watch these when nothing else worth watching is on.

00% Good New Shows or Movies. These I’ll watch every time I get the chance.

Thus ends my LIST. šŸ˜‰

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