Friday the 13th

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October 13, 2017 by phicks2012

Friday the 13th was a “bad” day for Knights Templar, and a “good” (aka “lucrative”) day for the producers of slasher flicks and special effects makeup artists. It’s widely known as an “Unlucky” day, though I’ve never found that to be the case, and so far today has been going really well.

I’m superstitious only about sports. I don’t avoid cracks in the sidewalk (of course, my mother is already gone), and I’ve stood under numerous ladders to steady them for others so that “they” don’t have the bad luck of toppling and breaking their necks. I don’t fret about spilled salt, or black cats (beautiful creatures), or rabbit’s feet (bad luck for the rabbits involved, though), or broken mirrors. No wish I EVER made on a wishbone or on a “first star I see tonight” as a child ever came true, and what I ate or didn’t eat on New Year’s Day never made the slightest difference that I know of (Sorry, Mama).

However, I’m a sports fan, and on game days when my team is playing, I’ll wear team colors — and never colors belonging to the opposing team. Probably a good thing that I’m not a Tennessee Volunteers fan (except when they’re playing non-SEC competition or an SEC team I want to see lose) because Orange is definitely my least favorite color in the primary/seconday color spectrum to wear. There are definitely uglier and less flattering colors, of course, but then you have to get into things like chartreuse, avocado, aqua, and day-glow orange or really eye-damaging combinations of colors. I like to EAT oranges, but wearing orange is just too horrible to consider and remain sane, and to wear chartreuse — well you have to be very dark complected to pull that off with any panache at all. I’m totally safe with that color though, because I can’t think of a single sports team wearing it and everything I’ve ever owned (briefly before trashing it) in that color was a badly considered gift. šŸ˜‰

But away from colors that only look natural growing in a petri dish and back to superstitions!! I don’t paint my face, or wear a “team colors fright wig”, or dress my cat in a football jersey. There’s probably something intrinsically “wrong” with putting a cat into a Bulldogs or Falcons jersey anyway, but sometimes when I’m really worried about the outcome of a crucial game I’ll record it, but won’t watch it live because I don’t want to jinx my team. Intellectually, I know that my watching or not watching a game has no bearing whatsoever on the outcome, but somewhere, lurking deep inside, is the gniggling suspicion that I might be all-powerful enough to affect the outcome in a negative way. Go figure.

This weekend, I may or may not watch UGA play Mizzou or the Falcons take on the Dolphins live, but I’m set to record both!! I’ve already laundered my favorite red & black shirt, and if I make it to Coronation on Saturday I’ll be wearing black and white with some red accessories. No yellow and definitely no orange or aqua, thank you! Nothing like playing it safe, right? Right!!


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