“Autumn Watching”

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October 10, 2017 by phicks2012

I made a promise to myself that in every two-to-three-or-four BLOGS I would include an original poem of some sort. This might not thrill all of my followers, but it does seem to entertain some of them, and it inspires me to write/versify more often than might otherwise be the case.

I’ll also be publishing it in our monthly SCA Newsletter “The Equinox”, just to let you know that it won’t only be published electronically. No real reason to say that, but just sayin’.

Well, we’re nearly a month into Fall now, but the change of seasons from Summer into Fall is still marginally current, so I hope that some will find pleasure in perusing the following verse.


Autumn Watching

Fair Autumn watching from a shaded glen
Saw Summer standing on a sun-washed hill
Where flowers festive, nodding now and then,
Wore wanton colors, and were never still.

She watched the trees, arrayed in gentle green
To breezes genuflect, and storm-winds bow,
And watched the streams run down to pool unseen,
Sequestered, Summer’s heat to disavow.

She stood awaiting there, all cloaked in red,
And ruby-lipped, with eyes of patient gold;
With russet tresses flowing round her head,
As Summer wearied, loosening her hold.

Then from the shadows Autumn sunlit strode
Mid leaves a-swirl to take her sister’s hand,
And Summer smiled and took the westing road,
Contented that the world would understand.

So there upon the hill fair Autumn stood;
Reached out to touch the forest’s sweeping brow,
And trees wore firey capes throughout the wood,
Or golden stars adorned each dancing bough.

At her command the blessed breezes sweet
Swept down, and skies were clad in brilliant blue,
And ripened grains were clustered at her feet,
While overhead departing swallows flew.

Then Nature sighed, and shed a mother’s tear
To see a daughter vanish once again,
But smiling turned to Autumn drawing near,
To welcome yet another daughter in.

[04 October, A.S.II, 2017]


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