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September 26, 2017 by phicks2012

First of all, the Kingdom of Trimaris (in the SCA: Society for Creative Anachronism — Medieval History Re-Creation) needs to call their lawyers (I know for a fact that there are a LOT of those in the organization), and have them get onto the Mundane advertisers of the U.S. for stealing their “BOOM!”.

Trimaris, at least, has a rational reason for using the word, in that it is used as part of a cheer, and that they are imitating the sound of their cannon going off. It makes sense. But no amount on on-line research thus far has managed to explain to me why “BOOM!” is being inserted into an increasingly irritating number of TV commercials, and I’m finding it more, and more…and MORE annoying.

Also, the Trimarians thankfully don’t use it all of the time. If they put repeated “BOOMS” into every conversation — well, we’d just have to declare war on them, I guess (and that might just increase the turnout for Panhandle Skirmishes). But, the TV commercials are saturating the airways with extraneous and pointless “BOOMS!” Cellular phone companies, beer companies, car salesmen, and (God forbid) personal injury lawyers are all BOOMING these days, until I’m about ready to circulate a petition asking that the word be banned from the English (or any other pertinent) language.

I suspect that even the Baby Boomers, Boomslang snakes, and Boomer Esiason are getting sick of it!!

So, can we please dispense with the “BOOMS”? PLEASE? It’s almost is irritating as people who insert the word “like” five or more times into every sentence, and — like, that’s like saying, like a whole lot!

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