Paving the World?

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September 15, 2017 by phicks2012

The back yard at The Castle isn’t exactly a sprawling expanse with vast landscaped formal gardens. It fact, You couldn’t park a double-wide trailer there even if you could manage to get it around the house. There “might” be 15′-20′ max between the house and the tree-line, and at that point the ground drops off and slopes down through the trees for maybe 30′ to the pasture fence. Nope, not much room.

In addition, we’ve never had a huge ammount of luck getting grass to grow back there. The ground is hard and rocky, and while we’ve managed to get grass to fill in rather nicely on the west side of the house, the east side is too shady and the back — well, we’ve already gone THERE!

So, recently — okay, a few months back in June — Jason decided to teach himself to do paving work because he wanted to create concrete ramps leading off of the covered octagonal slab in back. He figured that would make it easier to roll a lawnmower or a wheelbarrow, or a hand-truck on and off, and of course he’s right — assuming he can get something like that through an arch and maneuver it around the hot tub.

Anyway, one side of the slab abuts the house and the back door, but he’s been honing his paving skills by creating ramps on all of the other seven sides. He’s paved his ramps on the other seven sides — and he’s been filling in the angles between them with river rock! Looking GREAT, by the way, but of course he isn’t DONE!! LOL!

His next project, so he tells me, is going to be to extend the paving outward to create a patio, and I definitely don’t mind. As I said, we haven’t been able to get grass to grow back there anyway, and it would be nice to have a paved spot for a patio set, but what I really WANT is to extend the driveway, and (really) to replace the splitting asphalt with cobblestones — or something that at least LOOKs like stone paving.

Anyway, as a prelude to that I’ve decided to get concrete molds that, when filled in, produce sections the look like multiple stones. I’m hoping that after he practices with the patio he’ll want to start on the driveway. I’ll be chronicling the project!!!!


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