I’m Just Mad About Irma

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September 13, 2017 by phicks2012

Well, as most know very well, after Hurricane Irma cut her swath of destruction across Haiti and Cuba, she then swung north and sashayed right up the Florida peninsula– weakening as she went from a category 5 eventually down to a tropical storm, but still making one Hell of a mess. She was still a tropical storm when she waltzed into north Georgia on September 11th, and though we didn’t have to worry about things like tidal surges and coastal flooding we did get a lot of rain and some gusting winds that took out trees and limbs, and tumbled over potted plants (even in BIG pots), and knocked out things like power and internet, and cable TV, and (in my case) water. No, Irma was NOT a gracious guest!

Okay, I’ll admit that my water went out because I’m on a well, and without power the pump just refuses to work, so as soon as the lights went out on Monday afternoon at around 3pm I knew THAT was going to happen. The cable and internet (and land line, since it’s linked to my internet and cable) had already gone down an hour or so earlier, and getting out in The Beast was inadvisable, so my life became instantly boring — well, other than worrying a bit about the weather and whether or not a tree might fall and crush my only means of transportation — or maybe cave in the side of my house. Little things like that.

I had my Kindle Fire (and a few downloaded but unread books on that) to keep my brain from jellifying, and my smart phone in case of an emergency and to touch base with a few folks via Facebook Messenger and texts, but things like Kindles and Smart Phones run on batteries, right? I quickly realized that the only place to recharge them was in my car, but with the wind outside sending the trees into yoga postures I didn’t really think that was a terrific idea. Nope.

So when the power didn’t come back prior to sundown I lit about two dozen candles and read for a while until my Kindle said “I really think I’ll die now”, and after that I went to bed REALLY EARLY for lack of anything else marginally exciting to do. Caught up on a lot of sleep too, so I guess I needed it.

The power came back on at about 7am Tuesday September 12th, and I was finally able to charge my phone. I was also able to get out and run errands, because the weather had improved dramatically at that point. By then I had also compiled a list of “emergency stuff I didn’t think of previously”, so I picked up a couple of aim-and-flames (I didn’t seem to have any lighters when I needed to light candles the night before, and I was down to a handful of rather pitiful matches), an LED flashlight (because mine seemed to have gone missing), and a rechargable power battery that could be used to recharge my phone. YES!!

The cable, internet and land line were supposed to be back on by 2:45pm on Tuesday, but apparently the problems were a bit more “involved” than they at first estimated. Region-wide rather than local. Power-cycling every hour wasn’t helping, so I eventually decided (once I needed a break from working on SCA newsletters and housework) that the temporary solution to brain-freeze was going to have to be watching DVDs on my computer. That way I could “tell” if the Cable came back!!

I called this morning, Wednesday September 13th, to try for a revised Repair ETA, and was told 5:58pm on Thursday September 14th — AACCKK. However, my service was actually restored at 12:15 today, so I’m back in the 21st Century!

Welcome me Home!!

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