Aggressive Cuddling?

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September 8, 2017 by phicks2012

So!! I have a feline housemate who’s become so clingy that I’m thinking of rubbing her down with dryer sheets! Okay, so I realize that this is an emotional issue rather than a matter of static electricity. I really do, but when I’m trying to get work done on my computer — like NOW — it can be very distracting when Thiam insists upon being (note: I didn’t say “lying”) on my lap, but refusing to setting down.

I have to say that turning, shifting, changing position, kneading, rubbing against my arm when I’m typing, taking swipes at my hands (claws-in, but still…), and butting at my face are all more than moderately distracting, especially when concentration might be called for — like when I’m working on a financial report or spreadsheet, creating or modifying graphics, or attempting to write (or spellcheck) an article. AACCKK!

I love my cat. Don’t get me wrong, but I’m a hunt-and-peck, 2-3 fingered typist to begin with. I’m a FAST 2-3 finger typist. I mean, when I interviewed (YEARS ago) for a job with the phone company I was rated as a medium-speed typist, and the tester was gobsmacked that I’d tested that high. Still, I’m not a touch-typist, and I have to actually LOOK at the keyboard when I type. That means that if I have a cat pacing back and forth across my lap it’s going to block my view of the keys and TOTALLY disrupt my train of thought as well as impeding my hand-eye-coordination.

So, what’s the solution?

1) She’ll get off while she eats, but she’s a fast eater and I can’t realistically feed her 50 times a day — so nope.

2) She’ll get off (and usually hide) when a stranger comes into the room, but that doesn’t last long and after a while I’m sure to run out of strangers who are safe to admit and who won’t disrupt me by actually “talking”, right?

3) She’ll get off get off when she just gets tired of being a mobile lap-accessory, but that means waiting her out. Sometimes not practical when a deadline of any sort is involved.

4) She’ll get off if I give her a meaningful “nudge”, but then she’ll just jump back up again.

So I’m wondering if there’s an anti-catnip, sort of the feline equivalent of anti-matter, that will (at least for a while) make her not WANT to engage in “aggressive cuddling”. She doesn’t much like dogs, but I would definitely draw the line at “Eau de Pitbull”.

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