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September 5, 2017 by phicks2012

Emotions are funny things — not necessarily “ha-ha funny”, but “interesting funny”. Most seem to have both a good side and a bad side.

Falling in love with someone who loves us back is a wonderful thing, but it can be horribly painful to fall in love with someone who cannot or will not reciprocate. or is simply a skilled opportunist.

Anger can help to “clear the decks” and serve as a relief valve, but it can also lead us to do stupid and harmful — and outright illegal things if we allow it to control us.

Fear can serve to warn us of danger, but it can also be debilitating, stopping us from accmplishing and attaining.

Envy can sometimes inspire us to work harder to attain the things we desire, but it can also cause us to take what does not belong to us.

Sadness is an emotion that shows us capable of feeling loss and regret, and pity, and compassion for others, but we can become lost in either or both and allow hem to overtake our lives.

Shame shows that we can feel guilt and remorse for what bad things we have done, but sometimes we can take that too far, or take too much upon our own shoulders the shame of what someone else has done.

But it seems to me that Joy is, for the most part, an exception. Unless we take pleasure in the pain of others — and there are people out there who do — Joy is pretty much an emotion with no downside. As a result, I decided to set pen to paper (figuratively speaking) and to jot down the following.

Not great poetry, but well-intentioned. 😉



Love it fullfills, lest it be not returned,
And anger cleanses if we do no harm.
Fear holds a warning that should not be spurned,
But that can be overcome, or give alarm.

Envy, it can inspire us to achieve,
And push ourselves to earn by our own skill,
What we most desire, if we do not decieve,
But then fairly gain by diligence and will.

Sadness reveals that have tender hearts,
And pity that we do compassion know.
Shame is a sign that we regret our parts
In causing pain, or harm, or grief, or woe.

But joy, lest we do rejoice at strife and pain,
Is a wondrous fair emotion, rainbow born,
Bringing only laughter time and time again,
To a hungering soul, long by trial and sorrow worn.

For by joy are smiles engendered and maintained,
And with joy our tearful eyes are rendered bright.
Joyful hearts, appear upon our sleeves unstained
And are filled with bouyancy, and with delight.

Thus I say to you, that if laughter fills your life,
And if you can fill your aching heart with joy,
There will never come a time of trial and strife
That your faith and trust can ever quite destroy.

[13 August, A.S. LII, 2017]

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