Asking and Googling

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August 29, 2017 by phicks2012

This is a rant! Yeah!

<Begin Rant>

Okay, so it’s supposed to be easy to find information on-line, but have you ever tried to find an answer to a simple question only to be sent time after time to nothing more than another list of URLs, and no matter what option you select you’re just sent to yet ANOTHER list of URLs? Then even when you finally get to an “Actual Webpage” is it only to find there is ZERO information that actually relates to what you want to find out?

The other day I decided to look on-line for information on what “Normal Cholesterol Numbers” should be, and after an hour of being shuttled from list to list to list of URLs and to useless web pages describing High Cholesterol symptoms and treatments but telling me NOTHING about the numbers — after clicking time after time on links promising LDL vs HDL charts and information without ever SEEING a single such chart of any kind but only another list of URLs or useless webpages — I was about ready to firebomb and — but especially ASK.COM, because for some reason my computer kept shifting me to them whether or not I “ASK”ed for them. 😉

I tried calling my doctor’s office — closed on a Saturday — and finally had to call a local Walgreen’s, and wait on hold for the pharmacy to ask a living human being what my Cholesterol numbers “ought to be” — just as I’ve have done before the internet even EXISTED.

I hate to even TELL you how many times lately this sort of thing has happened to me!! So, what IS it with search engines these days that they so frequently will no longer simply direct you to a usable webpage that actually contains the information you want? and — here’s a HINT: When I search for something on-line, I want to FIND it! I do NOT want to be sent from one list of URL links to ANOTHER list of URL links, ad nauseam. I want to be directed to a webpage containing the information I NEED!!!!


<End of Rant>

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