Mistakes of the Week?

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August 20, 2017 by phicks2012

We all make mistakes, right? We pick the up the wrong seasoning to use when cooking. We go out with the wrong, Wrong, WRONG man or woman. We walk outside barefoot and discover that there are burrs in the grass. We confide in the wrong “friend”. We figure we can make it “just a little further” before we stop for gas, and we put a red towel into the wash with our white underwear.

Well, I recently found myself wondering just how frequently, in general, I made significant errors in judgement, and with this in mind I decided to make a list of “Mistakes of the Week”.

Bear in mind that these aren’t my ONLY blunders and misjudgements — only the most glaring — and I was actually gratified to realize that most haven’t been that bad. 😉

Also, I keep a better/keener/more discerning eye on spices AND men; I wear shoes when I go out the side door; I’ve pruned my list of “friends” over the past year or so to reflect decreased gullibility and the recognition of suck-ups, pot-stirrers, kindred of Janus, and associated assholes; I keep my gas tank at least half full, and I’m sorting my laundry as carefully as my associates! So there!!! 😉


Mistakes of the Week:

April 9th-15th – Paying $5 for a DVD copy of “The Smurfs”. This is a really stupid movie, so parting with a fiver to own a copy made me a victim of my own seriously bad judgement.

April 16th-22nd – Buying a Trail-Cam on-line and expecting it to be Plug-and-Play. I also expected (as per the owner’s manual) the range of the IR to be 50′ and to be able to download the captured images to a variety of listed Operating Systems (including Windows XP and Vista, and Windows 7, 8, 9, & 10). Nope. I had to special order a memory chip, the camera has thus far not registered or recorded anything further away than 8′, and the camera will only (thus far) interface with Windows 10.

April 23rd-29th – Almost believing a great verbal roofing estimate for my rentals. Of course, when I wanted it in writing, the guy backpedaled faster than a stealth jet.

April 30th-May 6th – Trusting two websites that said two products I was looking for were in stock at my closest local Walmart & Kroger, when there weren’t even shelf spaces in the brick-and-mortar stores allotted for the items. Can you say “wasted trips”? Ever hear of updating your web pages, folks?

May 7th-13th – Answering a text from a problem tenant, and not expecting rididulous demands and assertions, and a bad attitude. That was just stupid. I’m fairly sure this particular tenant would threaten me with retaliation if they demanded an in-ground swimming pool and I failed to build them one — this even though they litter the lawn, tear up the window blinds, and have been served four (oops, now five) times over the past year with eviction paperwork due to non-payment of rent.

May 14th-20th – Forgetting that I’d left food in the cast iron Dutch Oven on the stove. Don’t ask me how that happened, but when I went to use it again OMG!!! Call for a hazmat suit!!!

May 21st-27th – Opening the refrigerator too quickly and having a bottle of A1 Sauce shatter, flavoring my floor, feet and legs.

May 28th-June 3rd – Using baby oil on my legs, arms, face, and other exposed skin just prior to being in close proximity to an edger and while using a leaf-blower. Dirt, grass shavings, and ants ALL stuck!

June 4th-10th – Believing that an on-line loan application process would be reasonably simple and straightforward, and adequately explained. So what DO you put into a blank (one that cannot be left blank) when there are no applicable responses anyway? Jeez, it’s like asking a woman the length of her wanker and expecting a number greater than zero!

June 11th-17th – Believing that drinking a gallon of GaviLyte-G over a few hours couldn’t be THAT bad. Just for the record, I did consider taking out a mob hit on both my primary care physician (who ordered the test) and the gastroenterologist she sent me to.

June 18th-24th – Actually expecting a cable technician to show up between 5-7pm on the 20th to check out internet issues. The good news is that the problem cleared up by itself without him (after massive failed amounts of trouble-shooting the day before, my download speeds inexplicably went from 0.37 mbps to 88.38 mbps on the day of the appointment), and I was told I’d get a $20 credit on my next bill because he failed to show up.

June 25th-July 1st – Going to pick up a queen-size tester bed in an SUV without taking along padding in case the headboad didn’t fit inside and had to be strapped to the roof. Hint: Dollar Store “Pool Noodles”.

July 2nd-8th – Searching on-line, expecting to find out what “Normal Cholesterol Numbers” were, and after an hour of being redirected only to other lists of URL links and to totally useless webpages — well, finally having to call my nearest Walgreen’s on the phone to get the information from a living human being — just as I’d have had to do before the internet even existed. Thank you Google and Ask.com.

July 9th-15th – Actually believing that the $20 credit promised above (on June 20th) would really show up on my next (meaning July) cable bill. When I called to complain, they swore it would appear on my NEXT bill (meaning August). This is why — while I otherwise really like my Xfinity service — I have an active dislike, on occasion, for their Billing Department, which I sometimes suspect is set up in Pakistan.

July 16th-22nd – Thinking I could actually get a sewing machine and a vacuum cleaner serviced/repaired without it being a major undertaking. Sears no longer repairs either sewing machines or vacuum cleaners, even if you bought them from Sears (as I did) and even if they were supposedly covered by a Master Protection Agreement (as mine were). If you call Sears and actually manage to get past their computer to a living person (and good luck on that, by the way), it will take you forever, and MULTIPLE transfers to get to a human being who can tell you this, and who will explain to you that your sewing machine and vacuum cleaner were dropped from your MPA without telling you so, and that they cannot be added back because Sears no longer services those items. Then, even when they claim they can give you a referral via their In Shop Repair number, it will only be to a Sears repair location that either will not answer the phone or (even if you manage to get through) will not service a sewing machine or a vacuum cleaner in any case. HINT: Save your time and sanity!!! By the way, vacuum cleaner repair places can still be found (though the one I found locally returned my vacuum NOT fixed, and with parts missing, and incorrectly reassembled, and without the hepa-filter I paid for, and refused to make it right — so I had to drive 30 miles to a different town to get the damage corrected). As for sewing machines, apparently sewing machine repair is becoming a “lost art”. Just a warning!!

July 23rd-29th – Actually, this mistake was made LONG ago, but the point was reinforced this week: Giving out my cell number to rental tenants “in case of emergency”. There will always be one or two who will call or text me late at night because they can’t figure out how to use a thermostat, or because they’re being told (by my rental agent who is paid to handle these things) that they have to catch up on their rent and want me to intervene. I guess I need to figure out whether or not I can program my smart phone to block texts after 7pm.

July 30th-August 5th – Thinking that because my cat Thiam is agoraphobic and NEVER goes outside she also wouldn’t get FLEAS from my housemate’s flea-collar accessorized cat who DOES go outside. Suddenly I not only had to buy flea control drops (which are not all that cheap), but also cat wormer, and also call my pest control service to make sure the house ITSELF wasn’t flea-accessorized.

August 6th-12th – Thinking that the less expensive (Sargeant’s Silver) flea control drops would work. A week later, and I still had to get a flea collar for my cat Thiam — AND I’m still hoping THAT will work, because a day after putting it on the cat I still had a live flea jump off on my arm. Bear in mind that as this cat gets older she seems to think she has to LIVE on my lap and butt at my arms and hands when I’m trying to type. 😉

August 13th-19th – Thinking I could call Garmin to help Jason figure out the pin number for a GPS he was given — when the previous owner was deceased and unavailable to tell him the code. Nope. How many permutations are there four four digits? LOL, a LOT! 10,000 is a lot, right? 😉

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