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August 11, 2017 by phicks2012

Not all of the verses I add to my BLOG are new. Some are older, and some are VERY old. This one is only 3-years old, so it doesn’t fit into the latter category. It simply isn’t a recent composition.

I believe it was written for our monthly SCA Newsletter “The Equinox” during the time I was writing a series of articles on Period Poetry for that periodical — intended to illustrate the “Sicilian Octave”.

It wasn’t directed at anyone in particular, but I’ll admit that it “could” have been. Not everyone I’ve dealt with in my lifetime, even in the SCA, has tuned out to be worth knowing, but maybe it was enough that they inspired poetry, huh?

Enjoy, if you will.


Sicilian Octave No.2: Ambition

When arrogance of spirit gives no quarter
And bald ambition pays no heed to beauty,
But cherishes renown and will not barter
For love, nor give a passing thought to duty,
Then chivalry falls sacrifice to malice
While selfish appetite erects its palace
Upon a mountain peaked by loveless winter
Where honor will not lower herself to enter.

[13 March, 2014]

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