TMZ vs. Dish Nation

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August 4, 2017 by phicks2012

I’m going to say right up front that I am NOT an Entertainment TV aficionado. I could care less to whom Brad Pitt is romantically linked, how much Angelina Jolie weighs, how large Kim Kardashian’s ass is, what kitchen implements reality show cast members might be hurling at one another, or what stupidity is going on behind the scenes on “The Bachelor”. I just don’t freaking care!

The only Entertainment TV Show I’ll actually WATCH (and only on occasion) is TMZ, because it’s FUNNY. FUNNY goes a long way with me, and there’s a lot of dry, intelligent humor and understatement (the sort of humor I definitely like best) going on in this show! As a result they actually make entertainment reporting — well, moderately “entertaining” for me. That’s SAYING something! Believe me!

The rest of the Entertainment Reporting shows just sort of fade or meld into a amorphous blob, such that I don’t even remember their names — all except for Dish Nation, which I’ll go out of my way to turn OFF.

A sort of TMZ wanna-be, I’m sure it must entertain SOME portion of the viewing public — probably those with non-functional hearing aids — but I don’t require either excessive volume or lame humor, so that particular show fails on all fronts to entertain me. Rather than dry-and-intelligent the cast members/reporters are more often loud-and-tacky, and frankly they get on my very last nerve LONG before they get around to saying anyting even REMOTELY newsworthy. Okay, I’ll be brutally honest here. They get on my last nerve as soon as one of them opens his or her mouth and starts shouting — which they seem to do incessantly.

I will sprint virtually at a breakneck pace to my remote to change the channel — wondering how the Hell the TV got turned to that channel in the first place — when Jerry Springer unexpectedly comes on, and I’ll move very nearly as fast to shift away from Dish Nation.

Yes, I know. I suppose I could just hit the “mute” button. That would be quicker and easier, but to tell the truth I’m more than a bit afraid that Xfinity is keeping track of what channel/show is running on the cable box, and that someone somewhere is keeping score and might actually think I LIKE and am WATCHING one of these lame shows if I don’t change the channel. Paranoia? Absolutely!!

TMZ makes me almost (if not quite) care what some celebrities are up to, and at the very least amuses me. The Dish Nation cast irritates me so badly with their loud, shrill voices and low humor that nothing they say about the celebrities they’re discussing would ever actually “penetrate”, even if I cared.

So, here’s the thing. It’s not just Entertainment TV I don’t like to watch (or listen to). I’ll turn off ANY shows (or people) that are loud, obnoxious, combative, immature, tasteless, deliberately offensive and lame. Challenge my intelligence or make me laugh! Then I’ll hang around, or watch. Otherwise — OMG, show me the exit or the damn remote!!! đŸ˜‰

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