“Happily Ever After”

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August 1, 2017 by phicks2012

Well, it seems to be time again for rhyming, huh? Hope you don’t mind!

The poem below is not a new composition. It was written back in 2014 when I found myself pondering the vagaries of mature reality vs. youthful expectation. As children we assume our dreams will come true, but the truth is that sometimes they just….don’t.

It’s a sad theme, but hopefully, some will find merit in the words and sentiments.


Happily Ever After

When hearts were young and visions real,
Our souls believed that dreams came true,
And that one day all wounds would heal,
And skies that wept be tearless blue.
Then we had faith that love would come,
if only we in love believed,
To take our hands, and life become
Like every tale our souls conceived.

No thought had we that cruel pain
Could rush into an open heart,
And make that realm its own domain
While cutting all our dreams apart.
We could not guess that we would bleed,
And our belief in magic fade,
In following where grief would lead
Into the darkness heartbreak made.

We never thought that we would wake
Alone throughout the ranging years
Without a caring hand to take
When pain and fear brought bitter tears.
We could not know that happiness
Might never really come at all,
And that despair we might confess
If e’er we answered sorrow’s call.

For happily ever after lives
In wistful dreams and fairy tales,
And while the aching heart forgives
Still it recalls when magic fails.
But, longing for the dreams of youth
When every hope wore golden wings,
If we imagine dreams have truth,
Can love yet make us Queens and Kings?

[09 March, 2014]



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