Water, Water Everywhere?

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July 28, 2017 by phicks2012

I go into stores — all KINDS of stores — and if I happen to be thirsty I just can’t help noticing that if you aren’t buying it by the case or by the six-pack they all are charging over a dollar for a bottle of water. Water. The stuff that comes out of our taps at home.

Now don’t get me wrong, I can understand why someone might prefer — or even need — to use bottled water if they live in, say, Flint Michigan or in a disaster area where the water supply is interrupted or contaminated. That makes sense, but I have a personal problem paying over a dollar a bottle for water if you don’t have to do so. Water.

Okay, so I’m personally on a well, and a very deep well that consistently tests pure, so maybe I’m just lucky. The only time when my home water isn’t pretty much perfect is when the creek floods and some muddy water manages to seep in via the well-head. At those times — and for a day or so before it clears up completely — there can be a slight murkiness to the water. Also, well water that’s really pure can leech copper out of pipes over time if not treated with a softening agent. However, it is nice clean, pure water.

If I want a bottle of water I fill one up from the tap and put it into the refrigerator to chill, just like we did when I was a kid, so I doubt I’ve ever in my life spent more than $5 (total) on bottled water that wasn’t purchased for an event of some kind, for OTHER people to drink. I’ve drunk bottled water a few times when It came out of someone else’s cooler and was the only thing available, but generally not.

I also can’t see people paying more for “designer” or “name brand” water. If it’s “sparkling water” or “flavored water” then at least the company selling it did more than bottle it, but I’ve been given to understand that a few of these companies selling bottled water are bottling tap water anyway — hopefully not from Flint, Michigan, of course.

So here’s the question. Do people buy bottled water thinking that it’s purer or better tasting than tap water? If their local tap water has a funny taste, or is known not to be particularly clean or healthy, then maybe it’s worth it, but if not…why? Why buy water in plastic bottles that are probably only going to add to the land-fill when they could fill up a glass bottle from the tap, put it into the frig and re-use it over and over again?

Okay, remember, this is coming from someone who’s never touched an “energy drink” either. 😉

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