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July 28, 2017 by phicks2012

This BLOG was supposed to have been posted on July 25th, and I thought it HAD been! Silly Me! Better later than never though, I suppose.

Nowadays with everything computerized the networks and companies we deal with and order from on-line keep track of everything we look at and buy. Yep! They make note of our viewing, reading and buying preferences and then they try to “recommend” movies, TV shows, books, and products that they think we will like.

That’s an interesting idea, only I’ve never been able to figure out what criteria they use to formulate some of those lists, because their recommendations are usually either way too literal, or way too inefficient, and the results are almost NEVER appealing.

They do a bit better with book suggestions, because they go mostly by authors, but movies not so much. If I watch a few well-done animated movies written for a general audience that doesn’t mean I’ll want to watch cartoons made for small children. If I watch or read mysteries that doesn’t mean I’ll want to watch or read about gang bangers, gangsters, or people already in prison. If I like shows or movies about archeology or paleontology that doesn’t mean I’ll be interested in the history of monster trucks. LOL! Get my drift?

Search engines are strange beasts anyway. If you search for “Bad Movies” you’re liable to get a list of movies with the word “Bad” in their names, or a list of “Not-So-Bad Movies”. If you search for wooden shelves you’re apt to get a list of items made by a company called “Wood” or “Woodland”, and you still have to wade through to find anything applicable. I suspect these “recommendation engines” are much the same. They match individual elements, but not so much the whole concept.

So here’s a notion: Why don’t more of them include a “not interested” button at the bottom of those recommendations so that we can help them narrow things down a bit more accurately? Then we could say “Sorry, but that’s not a good recommendation for me, thanks anyway”. I’d think that would be helpful, wouldn’t you?

When I was first typing this BLOG Netflix did sort of do that by letting you rate their shows and movies. Then, they “said”, they took that into consideration when making future recommendations — but that wasn’t working all that wel for me at the time. At least I assume so, because they were recommending (for me) dozens of Spanish language films when I don’t speak Spanish — except for a few words and — okay, afew profane phrases I learned in high school. 😉

I had to work to find out that there sort of WAS a way to remove some of those recommendations from Netflix though. The agent I talked to told me there wasn’t, and that you could only delete things from the MY LIST section (things you actually WANTED to watch). However, I found out that if you went to your ACCOUNT and (under the PROFILES tab) clicked on RATINGS, you’d get a different list — a list of things you’d supposedly watched or rated — or hadn’t rated or watched but somehow got on the list anyway. 😉 You could actually delete things from that list, and when I did that my recommendation list changed for the better. Either that, or Netflix fixed it somehow after my call. LOL

I would have liked that too, but I was hoping it was ME and what I did, because that meant it was repeatable the next time they started recommending things that made me do a face-palm!! 😉

Oh, and miracles do happen! Around the 1st of May Netflix (even if they were the only ones) added a Thumbs Down Button!!! Radical!!


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