Dietary Dilemmas?


July 18, 2017 by phicks2012

Okay, so I recently had to start taking meds (fortunately only one tiny pill at bedtime) and change my diet in order to lower my Cholesterol. My doctor (who spent years in college and so ought to know) said so, and that meant I suddenly had to try to find foods I actually liked — but weren’t on the “verboten” list.

Frying chicken with the skin on? Nope. Actually, frying ANYTHING was a nope, and who’d have thought shrimp, crab, oysters, lobsters, and clams were high in cholesterol? Not me! I can eat fresh water fish (my preference anyway), but my idea of great seafood is shellfish, so I’m now more than moderately pissed about what the Gods of Bad Cholesterol have seen fit to “bless”.

I can (thankfully) eat most fruits and vegetables, but I have to limit my cheeses, and ice cream is mostly right out! So is yogurt, by the way, and don’t even ASK me about Cheesecake!!

I can munch on nuts (within reason), and popcorn is supposedly a decent snack option, but chips can’t be on the snack menu and (let’s be honest) homemade air-popped popcorn tends to be bland because (without some oil) the seasoning mostly just won’t stick.

Sausage and Bacon are out. BACON? How fair is THAT? Meat is allowed (again within reason) but it has to be LEAN, LEAN, LEAN. Bear in mind that this doesn’t mean I’d ever eat round steak on a BET. I need exercise, but it isn’t going to be focused on my jaw muscles. No thank you!

I totally do not mind eating whole grain breads and pastas, and brown rice. Barley and oats are cool too. They can, after all, be seasoned in a lot of different ways to provide variety, and variety is “A Good Thing”. In fact, I’ve been watching cooking shows on TV with an keener eye lately, hoping to collect good flavor ideas. After all, you can only eat the same thing so many times without succumbing to “taste-bud-boredom”, right?

I have to say though that the chefs on the tube seem to have a tendency to use certain particular items I simply do not like. I mean, what’s with putting fennel in just about everything anyway? Clearly it’s a trendy ingredient these days, but I just don’t like it! I’d just as soon add banana peels or leaves off of my houseplants to my dishes, and I wouldn’t eat those either!

I’m doing pretty well though, all things considered. I do find myself craving naughty things like Fried Chicken, Shellfish, Pizza, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Ice Cream, Krystal Hamburgers, Cheesecake, and Chinese Buffet, but so far I haven’t had to shackle myself to a radiator to resist those impulses.

Oh, and when I went back in to my doctor’s office to have a follow-up Cholesterol test done my LDL had dropped a LOT — like about 90 points. Unfortunately, my HDL had also dropped a bit, so now I’m popping Omega-3 capsules every day — but that’s life I guess — and with any luck I’m also losing weight. YEAH!

Hey! There has to be SOME upside to driving right past Popeyes, right!!???


One thought on “Dietary Dilemmas?

  1. Niacin raises the levels of good HDL. You might talk to your doctor about taking that.

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