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July 14, 2017 by phicks2012

This verse isn’t TERRIBLY old, having been written a mere six years ago — and, let me tell you, the older you get the more you begin to think you might be caught up in a temporal whirlpool. That’s how I managed to go the same six years without visiting my doctor. I mean, they do say time flies when your having fun, right?

So, this poem was published long ago in our local SCA newsletter “The Equinox”, but I like to think the sentiments expressed are not unique to the SCA.

Let me know what you think!



To those of noble heart I give my praise
For generosity of mien, and nature kind.
Those spirits that with bright compassion blaze
Are by their true nobility defined.

To those who kindness take, and know the cost,
And then betray, I have no praise for them.
For honor cast aside is honor lost,
And loss of honor all men should condemn.

Though they may prosper, those who toy with trust,
And better folk may watch some seasons pass,
We must believe the universe is just,
And justice coming slow still comes at last.

For kindness does not make the sprit weak
And cruelty the hand does not make strong.
Compassion is a gift we all should seek
To gather in our hearts and pass along.

The reckoning will come eventually
When all of us will reap as we have sown.
The tale of what our legacy will be
Is being written as the seeds are grown.

True kindness brings to life the mighty tree
That spreads its shade and shelter through the years,
While only weeds are born of cruelty,
And no one will rejoice when one appears.

The oak may stand in majesty and grace
For generations, in its place secure.
Its grandeur may the centuries embrace.
Its beauty, and its timeless strength endure.

The bramble may some beauty counterfeit
But never shall it rise to touch the sky.
It has no grace, nor lasting benefit,
And with its death its memory will die.

Thus, those who would be well remembered, heed
The warning and in kindness pass your days.
The cruel heart is withered by its greed,
And in the end becomes what it betrays.

[November 8th, 2011]

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