“In Service”

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June 30, 2017 by phicks2012

The poem included in this BLOG was written five years ago for our monthly SCA Newsletter “The Equinox” for the Shire of Sol Haven. I include poetry in every issue, and while I try to encourage other people to contribute verse for publication, that’s not as easy as it used to be back in the day when we had several eager and aspiring poets in our Shire. In recent years, getting anyone to write a poem or song for publication has been rather like trying to get the proverbial blood from a stone (or the truth from a politician), so I’ve been having to write new verses myself, and recycle older ones, just to keep up. Go figure!!

I’m not really complaining, because I’ve been motivated by deadlines to write some fairly decent poems. Funny how that can sometimes work!! Still, I thought it only fair to confess that the poems below was one of those originally “motivated by a deadline”.

Still the message was more-or-less targeted, and definitely was intended to make a point. 😉


In Service

Who does in service that which must be done

With willing hand and spirit keen to serve,

Then for the weal of all the race is run

With honor given where it is deserved.


Who does with selfless zeal the needed task,

And leads by good example shall be known,

And for their council others well may ask,

For thus the seeds of good repute are sewn.


Who does in service’s name the selfish deed

With expectation of a high reward

May in their efforts serve a common need,

But wield that service like a tarnished sword.


Who does for praise no more than must be done,

And upon others heaps the wealth of blame

For errors made, of honor merits none,

And the example set is not the same.


We offer accolades, and sing the praise

Of those who make the path of service known,

And tread that path with silken standards raised

To follow it for service sake alone.


We honor those who serve with willing heart.

We emulate those that our hearts inspire

Who elevating service to an art

Make other folk to excellence aspire.


[06 January, 2012]



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