Lawn Care OCD?

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June 13, 2017 by phicks2012

I have never been trained or certified as a psychologist, nor practiced as one, nor even played one on TV. However, after years of quasi-scholarly observation, I have decided that my “Go-To Guy” for Yard Work (and Repairs, and so forth) can safely be described as having at least a “touch” of OCD. Yep. That’s my diagnosis, and I’m sticking to it!

Jason is pretty much totally incapable of doing any job in a half-assed fashion — which is REALLY GOOD when you consider the final outcome — but anything he does takes him at least twice as long as he initially predicts or expects, and he’s eternally prone to embellishment. If anybody would try to “polish a turd” it’s Jason.

Well, he recently scored (as the result of a side-job) a new (well, USED) weed-wacker for which an edger attachment could be bought, and he’s been just dying to get his hands on an edger for some considerable time. I thought about it, and decided “Why Not?” After all, we’d definitely be able to make use of something like that around the castle, and the rentals, right?

Right! But he decided he just HAD to use it first at my rental units, because it would improve the looks of the yards. It drives him CRAZY that a couple of my tenants are prone to littering up their yards with candy wrappers, cigarette butts, soda cans, and other assorted debris which he then “has” to pick up before he can mow the lawns. Running over it and chopping it up with the lawnmower simply is NOT acceptable!! 😉

So, for years now the yards have had to be cleaned up and well-mown, the shrubbery trimmed, and the patios, walkways and parking areas blown free of grass shavings before he would leave — and now everything also has to be EDGED. This despite the fact that we have at least one set of tenants (not sure yet about the newest set) who are slobs and will never pay him as promised for doing the work.

So the other day we went to the units so that he could re-hang a fallen closet rack for one of the tenants, and inaugurate his “New Toy”. 😉

Useful Hint: Apparently, the first time you try to use an edger on a given area it can kick up quite a lot of dirt — oh, and ants that (once discovered) have to be sprinkled — and then you have to go back with a flat-blade shovel to loosen and remove the grass that might have spread out onto the concrete.

By the time we were done (or “almost done” because the problem tenants pulled their car up while Jason was working and parked it where it overhung one of the areas that needed edging) we were both just COVERED with dirt and grass shavings. It didn’t help, either, that I’d earlier used baby oil on my legs, arms, and face, because that just guaranteed that every last SPECK of dirt, grass –oh, and ants — was going to stick to my skin. I guess that’ll teach me, huh??

At home I can just turn Jason loose to work at his own speed and on his own schedule, but where the rental units are concerned the ideal scenario is for me just to drop him off — along with the shovels, rakes and implements of destruction — leave to run needed errands or to pick up items needed for the job at hand, and/or have him call me when he’s done. However, he nearly always instructs me to come back in an hour, and it ALWAYS takes him at least TWO to finish, because there’s always some little thing that still needs doing. Bloody Perfectionist!! LOLOL

The yards over there looked great when he finally finished, and once the roofs and gutters are redone (in a few days now) and the trim repainted (a bit further off temporally speaking) mine may be the best looking units on the street. I wouldn’t mind that, and people/owners & renters are already trying to negotiate with Jason about doing the yard work at “their” units. Good for him!

Of course, he still isn’t satisfied with the yards at my own units. He also wants to mulch around all of the shrubbery and have the litterbugs drawn and quartered (LOL), but what can I say? OCD!!

I stand by my diagnosis.

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