May 30, 2017 by phicks2012

I try to include an original poem in my BLOG about a 3rd of the time. This was just an arbitrary decision I made after my followers increased the first time I threw one in, and continued to increase with every subsequent poem. When I started this BLOG, I had no idea my poetry might attract followers, but there you have it. WOW!

In any case, I’ve written more poetry since then, published most of it in our monthly SCA Newsletter “The Equinox”, and while not all of it is especially good, I’m rather proud of a few of my efforts.

Below is my latest effort, and I hope some will think it worthy.


Blossoms trailing, sweetly scented
Lift their hopeful fragrant faces,
Seeking out a sun new-minted
Smiling down on dew-kissed spaces.
Morning-misted morning glories
Mingle on the mead with others
Gathering to tell their stories,
To their sisters and their brothers.
As the budding day progresses
Lifting up their faces higher,
Flowers wear their finest dresses
Dancing in their rich attire.
Windward swept by breezes singing
Over hills where daisies cluster,
Gazing up at songbirds winging
Where the sighing zephyrs muster,
Lilies nodding; roses rising
From the grasses green and glowing,
Leaning westward, realizing
Where the sinking sun is going.
Waiting for the day to waiver
Drinking deep, the purple heather
And the thistle share their flavor;
Smile and fall asleep together.

[13 April, 2017]


One thought on ““Flowers”

  1. I love traditional poetry – rhyme, rhythm, alliteration, metaphors, etc, and yours was rich in all that. Enjoyed.

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