Whatever Happened to Customer Service?

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May 23, 2017 by phicks2012

You go into a grocery store to buy a particular item — one you buy all the time after having sampled numerous similar but unsatisfactory products — and it’s been discontinued — and replaced with something you would never in your lifetime choose to buy. This has happened at least 20 times to me with 20 different items, and complaining has NEVER made any difference whatsoever. I like your stores in general, but — Thanks Kroger!

You look for an item on-line, and the search engine totally fails to turn up anything remotely CLOSE, no matter what search critera you use. Oh, or you waste trips to the brick-and-mortar store because the web site is wrong anyway. The store carries items the web site says it doesn’t, and doesn’t carry items the web site says it does. Thanks Walmart. You’re just LOADS of fun!

You call trying to find something so that you won’t waste a long trip in to a store (see Walmart above), and are put on hold for 20 minutes, after which you are disconnected — and this happens several times in a row, on several different occasions within a two-day period. Thanks Home Depot.

You go into a garden center to pick up 5 bags of river rock for landscaping. Hint: Bags of this or any OTHER rock are HEAVY by definition, probably weighing 80 pounds each. You cannot get any assistance, and have to drag the bags off a shelf onto a trolley with the handle set so low that you’d have to be 4’11” to comfortably pull it. Then you wait in line for 10 minutes, are assured you can get help outside loading the bags INTO your car, and your requests are totally ignored by a group of employees in “the loading zone” until you physically grab one of them and INSIST he help. He loads the rock, but is rude about it. Thanks, whatever-the hell-your-name-was at Lowe’s! In the store’s defense, when I complained they promised it would NOT happen again.

In response to a published sale ad you go into a store you’ve patronized for YEARS to get weed-killer (buy one get a refill free). They have the weed-killer, but are out of the refills. You ask, “You do rain-checks, right?” and are totally blown off by “Manager” you’ve never dealt with before, who is totally disinterested and makes NO effort to be accommodating — merely repeating “We’re out and won’t be getting any more”. A cashier overhears this, and says “But that’s silly. We can give you a receipt saying we owe you a bottle, and you can come back for it”! Stellar! But when she asks the “Manager” for the computer code he doesn’t want to give it to her, and when she finally figures it out and asks when the refills will be in the same “Manager” brusquely says “They won’t. We don’t carry them!” Sorry, but you WERE carrying them for the sale — butt-head! Thanks, Paul, at Cowan Ace Hardware! Fortunately the clerk ignored that and special ordered it for me in order to honor the sale terms. It came in two days later, she called me, and I picked it up. THAT is customer service!

It takes SO little effort to be pleasant, and to make at least a minimal EFFORT to please customers! Folks, when I was working at jobs where I dealt with the public my ass would have been FIRED if I’d treated people the way I’ve been treated recently at some businesses! I kid you not, and all of the above incidents happened to me in a one-week period. Just sayin’.

So lets all make a pact! Let’s agree to call management (or, God forbid, Tweet) and let them know about it when we’re subjected to that sort of thing, okay! They might not squirm, eat-worms-and-die, but we definitely can tie up their personnel for a really inconvenient period of time, and if we do it right or in person we can really create a potential PR nightmare, right?

LOL! Right!!


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