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May 19, 2017 by phicks2012

Okay, I’m more than willing to admit that not all of my verses turn out as well as I might hope, and this is one of them. This is what writer’s block looks like for me, but I persevered and finished it up anyway — for better or worse — and will be publishing it in our SCA Newsletter, The Equinox, for the Shire of Sol Haven.

Maybe I’m being hyper-critical. Let me know. đŸ˜‰


Give me laughter when I waken;
When the sun doeth rise and beckon
And I am by stars forsaken.
Let me hear it, laughter fecund,
Rich, and fertile, swiftly growing
From a subtle sweetness swelling
By the rill where mirth is flowing
And the kestrels tales are telling.

Give me laughter as I labor.
When aspiring to creation,
Cheer and merriment to savor
What I do. Give me elation,
And the surging stream of laughter
Sweeping weariness and dolor
Where I will not follow after.
Let me wear a brighter color.

Give me laughter as I tarry
When the daylight fast is fading;
And sweetest sounds may carry,
With the songsmiths serenading.
I would hear it richly rolling;
Nourish, pray, my soul with laughter
When the gloaming bells are tolling.
Give me joy to bide thereafter.

[11 April, 2017]

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