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May 5, 2017 by phicks2012

I was thinking the other day that with the possible exception of state and national forests and wilderness areas it is very difficult these days to wander very far in this country without encountering a fence, or a boundary of some sort. We drive on clearly delineated roadways, walk on marked paths, and unless we are felons or trespassers stay out of other people’s yards and off of other peoples’ land.

Animals domesticated by man are confined to pens, and kennels, and houses, and sables, and pastures — for various reasons. Many of these reasons are perfectly understandable, of course, given our laws, and those are necessary fences of another sort, right?

The thing is though that we have created rather a lot of boundaries to keep us safe and secure, but also have limited our freedom to wander, or simply to look out over a vista without seeing “fences” of some sort. In any case, this notion inspired the little verse below, to be included in an upcoming issue of The Equinox, our local SCA newsletter for the Shire of Sol Haven.

Certainly not great poetry, but hopefully some will enjoy it.


Oh, Fields without fences are rarer indeed
Than eagles un-taloned or worlds without greed.
Beyond the wild forests where nesting birds fly
Lie orchards bound in, though we cannot know why.
Fair nature’s encircled with girdles of wire,
To freedom from boundaries she cannot aspire,
For beasts must be tethered, and taught not to roam
Beyond the fixed limits of what we call home.
The horses are bridled, the hounds leashed and tied,
The songbirds are caged, like to unwilling brides,
The cattle fenced in to define where they go;
The river is dammed so it cannot free flow.
The yard it is gated to keep folk away
Who might wander in, and keep wild things at bay;
The roadways are lined, wandering to confound,
And deny deviation to places unbound.
We put up our boundaries, drawing our lines
By limits and hedges our lives are defined.
Though we may seek liberty, freedom to stray,
We all know the fences will not go away.

[26 March, 2017]

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