The PPV Dilemma


April 11, 2017 by phicks2012

Okay, so here’s a scenario: You discover the existence of a TV show you’ve never heard of before because it’s on a network you’re not familiar with, or cannot get. It’s a genre you like, and has a good cast, with stars whose names (at least some of them) are familiar, and you think to yourself “I might really enjoy watching that show!”

You can find a few current episodes On Demand, but you’d prefer to watch the show from the beginning — just to find out if it’s really your “cup of tea”, and it’s already up to — say, Season 3, so you start looking for season 1. Good luck!! LOL!

Because you’re an Xfinity customer you look back first at On-Demand. They have a gazillion free movies and TV shows, but no universal law states that most of these actually have to be worth watching. Most of the Movies really aren’t bad, but the TV shows? Not so much. Too bad if you’ve already watched all of the good stuff and aren’t interested in watching “Counting Cars”, “Teen Mom” or reruns of “Death Valley Days”, and (of course) earlier episodes of your particular TV Show aren’t there. 😉

As a member of both Netflix and Hulu you try them next, but (again) no luck. Your desired show is “Not Available for Viewing”

You eventually find that your show can be watched via Amazon Prime, and you’re also a member of that, only when you locate it the bloody thing isn’t available except as a pay-per-view for around $3 an episode. Seriously?

You phone Amazon to ask about their Amazon Prime streaming service, but while they insist that 80% of their content is free to view for Prime members (like moi) you find VERY few of those free TV Shows or movies that do not fit neatly into one of the two following categories:
1) You’ve seen them so many times you can practically quote the dialog, or
2) You have no remote interest at all in watching them.

I personally find myself very reluctant to go the PPV route when I have no idea whether or not I’ll actually like the show at all — and I’m even MORE reluctant to get hooked on a series I have to either pay by the episode for even to check it out. 😦

So I kept looking, and discovered that there were other versions of Netflix, like (Canada), and my show popped up as viewable there because it was aired on BBC-One (though NOT on BBC America)! WOW! I was elated!! Unfortunately — and here’s a clue — when you try to sign onto one of those foreign affiliates you’re sent right back to the version of Netflix where the show is NOT available. Now who’d have guessed that?!!


So here’s another question: Where else do I look — and if I’m not willing to pay $3 per episode or buy the DVD? I will NOT be moving or traveling to Canada in the foreseeable future! 😉

2 thoughts on “The PPV Dilemma

  1. You might try the Public Library. Most have large DVD collections, and you can get less common titles through inter-library loan.

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