Fast Food Fake-Out?

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March 27, 2017 by phicks2012

Somehow, when fast food restaurants advertise new menu selections, we expect them to look like they do in the TV and print ads, right? LOL! We also expect that when we pull into the drive-through or go in to the counter those items will actually be available for purchase. 😉 Silly us!!

So on March 14th I decided I wanted to try the new (and heavily advertised) Burger King Crispy Chicken Sandwich. I drove to the nearest location on Highway 81 in Porterdale — and yes, I knew that at that location they were habitually slow. I also knew that they always left something off of my order, like dipping sauce, or napkin and straw, or something. However, it was late in the day and, as I said, they were the closest, so that’s where I went.

Though there were only five cars in line (counting me) I sat in line for a full 10 minutes before even getting to the speaker. I then placed my order, and spent another 8 minutes waiting to get to the first window, at which point they told me “Sorry, but we’re out of crispy chicken”. Nice that they didn’t think to tell me that when I ordered, right?

Frustrated, I left and drove to the next closest location on Salem Road in Conyers, sat in line for another 8 minutes before getting to the speaker, and when I tried to place my order, guess what? They were out too. At least they let me know immediately, and were nice about it, but really?

So I drove to the NEXT location, because by then I was stubbornly determined not to have wasted a trip out in my car. I got to the BK on Highway 138 in Conyers, and pulled right up to the speaker, but when I tried to place my order there were two people talking at the same time over their headsets, and the wrong things were appearing on the screen. When I pointed this out, I was told rather bruskly that it didn’t matter what was on the screen, that they had the order right! Counter-intuitive, but whatever!

When I got to the first window I told the girl I was sorry I’d had problems with the order but that I’d already tried two other locations and that with two people speaking and the wrong things appearing on the screen I’d had trouble understanding them and wanted to make sure the order was right. She never said a single word, or even made eye contact. No apology, no “thank you”, no acknowledgement at all. Nothing. She took my payment and handed me a receipt, but appeared to be sulking, and totally had NO interest in customer service. Possibly if I’d been young and male I’d have gotten more of a response, but who knows?

When I got to the second window I was handed my drink and told by a very flippant male employee (I could tell by his voice and vocal inflections that he was the same one who’d been double-talking over the speaker earlier) to pull ahead to wait for the rest. When he finally brought it to me I asked him to please wait a second while I checked to see if everything was there (remember that the wrong order had appeared on the screen), but he immediately turned his back and flounced away — actually making rather a production of it. Again, I suspect that if I’d been young and male I’d have gotten a more positive response, but (again) who knows? Clearly, he had no interest in customer service either.

Then, unfortunately, I tried the food. The sandwich looked absolutely NOTHING like the ones in the ads, and was wrapped in a wrapper reading “Original Chicken Sandwich”. The chicken was a thinly breaded paddy (not breaded with flour like the ones pictured but breaded with crumbs) that wasn’t “crisp” at all. It was dressed with mayo, two paper thin, soggy slices of tomato, and a leaf of wilted lettuce. I’d wasted an hour driving all over the place for THAT?

I’m pretty sure they just gave me one of their OLD chicken sandwiches — probably one that had been lying around for a while — and I probably should have checked it BEFORE getting halfway home (so that I could have taken it inside and asked them in front of other customers, if any, just what the Hell it was supposed to be), but by then it was too late.

I did call the company, and also went on-line when I got home, and wrote a scathing complaint — within the limits of the complaint form, but somehow that didn’t leave me felling quite “fulfilled”. 😉

In response to my complaints, I was promised a coupon — that I haven’t gotten yet — and I still haven’t managed to try a “Crispy Chicken Sandwich”. Do they actually exist?

When I finally spoke to the manager of the offending BK I was told that when the new item had first come out they’d had supply issues (maybe explaining why everyone seemed to be “out” of crispy chicken sandwiches). She apologised for the behavior of the employees, and said that on my next visit they’d give me a free Crispy Chicken Sandwich, so we’ll see.

So this has been my review, based upon what they gave me, of the new Burger King “Crispy Chicken Sandwich”: “I’m reserving final judgement until I finally get to TRY one”. 😉

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