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March 24, 2017 by phicks2012

Just another verse, thrust upon my readers with no seeming regard for their current receptivity or frame of mind. 😉

I write these verses for a variety of reasons while in various moods or after being exposed to various situations or stimuli. There’s just no telling what I’m viable to come up with, and yet here we are again, right?

They say we are the products of our choices. Maybe so. 🙂

Choices made may bide forever,
In the corners of our dreaming,
Touching on each new endeavor
Dark and dire, or brilliant-gleaming;
There forever. All our changing
Will not sweep away the blessings,
Nor succeed in rearranging
What our sins are yet expressing.

By the spirits of our choices
We are bouyed through times more daunting,
Praising with melodious voices
If our lives were not found wanting.
But with voices of derision
And a less respectful laughter,
By the ghosts of poor decisions
We are haunted ever after.

[25 February, 2017]

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