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March 18, 2017 by phicks2012

So, a number of TV shows I’ve watched — enjoyed, and recorded routinely for years (Bones, Castle, Grimm to name a few) have recently ended their runs, or have entered their final seasons and are now winding down. SNL is still safe, and will likely outlive ME, and NCIS seems to continue surviving cast changes as long as the core cast remains solid, but I’m currently in the process of shopping for some new shows to follow.

Unfortunately, whether or not you agree with my above stated tastes, I’m a picky fan.

Now, if I were looking for trash to watch, I’d have a WEALTH of choices, because –let’s face it — there is some utter GARBAGE out there that has presisted for multiple seasons. I could rattle off dozens of show names, but that’s NOT what I’m looking for, so I have to have better search critera as well as better taste than that. 😉

Friends have recommended several shows, so I’ve been trying to check them out. It hasn’t been easy though, because I have this “thing” about watching a series from the beginning, and most of these shows are up to Season Two or later. If neither Netflix nor Hulu, nor On-Demand, nor any other easily available source, has Season One, then this can be something of a “Challenge”.

So when I decided, based upon several recommendations, to check out “Blindspot” on NBC, I went through all of the usual attempts and finally discovered that it was cheaper to buy the Season One DVD (I found it for a song) than to PPV it by the episode. As a result, I bought it. Then I started binge-watching the show to try to catch up.

It’s a good show in a lot of ways — sort of a “Total Recall” meets “24”, with some good actors and writing, and I really like the emphasis on character development. However, I’m afraid it’s one of those shows where nothing ever really seems to get resolved, aside from the individual tattoo-linked cases and crises. Yeah, and it’s also another one of those “super-villan who can’t be caught and permeates everything” scenarios. Thumbs Down on that.

They’d already killed off a number of recurring characters by the end of Season One, and they had VERY few sympathetic characters to begin with to balance all the sociopaths! Even those few have too frequently (for my taste) turned out to be sleepers, moles, imposters or just easily corruptible or susceptible to blackmail, so what can I say?

I’m still catching up on the current Season (Two), just not at the breakneck pace I started out on. As the episodes continue, I’m finding myself less and less willing to become invested in many of the peripheral characters — because if the past is any indication, they’ll either die or turn out to be double agents, terrorists, or pawns of the same. Yeah. Just sayin’. 😉

For every step in a positive direction, there seems to be a giant step or two backwards. Spoilers: One of the agents gets a new boyfriend and seems to be recovering after the death of her last boyfriend, only the new one turns out to be a mole who tries to kill her. Another agent gets a new girlfriend, and she persuades him to start snorting coke — yeah, like THAT is going to turn out well — and his partner is determined to get herself into trouble by covering for him. Another GREAT idea!

The enemies are thankfully just as corrupt and sociopathic, by the way, as the worst of the less savory government types, and I can at least cheer for the FBI (if not necessarily for the NSA or CIA) by default. However, I tend to get quickly bored with shows that have a single improbably omniscient, unstoppable super-villan (in this case Shepherd) behind every plot, and too many of his or her countless minions infiltrating every aspect of everything. Gets old FAST!

I’d appreciate a little respite from the violence and treachery, too. Thanks. This is the case even without the villans, and to be honest it’s only one of the villans (Rich Dotcom — okay, and his boyfriend Boston) who’ve managed to bring a little humor to the series so far. They have become recurring characters, and have supplied about the only comic relief the show has offered, but that’s a definite improvement from my point of view! Other than that, the (eagerly-anticipated) deaths of several of the un-humorous sociopathic characters have been among the few OTHER truly upbeat moments! What can I say?

I’m continuing to give it a try, but if the entire cast continues to die off, turn to the dark side, betray, torture and/or murder one another — and if the new characters keep turning out to be bad guys — and if the super villan continues to be untouchable and uncatchable — I’m thinking it’s going to be a challenge to keep going, or make it to season three.

Yeah, I’m a sucker for good, character driven dramas where those characters are both sympathetic and engaging, and where tension is mitigated by humor. I also like to see a light, just occasionally, at the end of the tunnels.

Guess we’ll see what happens, huh?

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