As Seen on TV (Another 5 Items)

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March 8, 2017 by phicks2012

The Perfect Smile — I have a friend who cannot afford cosmetic dentistry, and even HE wouldn’t opt for this item. Everyone on the commercial looks buck-toothed, and the appliance obviously interferes with clear speech, since all users in the ads seem to have a slight lisp when wearing it.

The Handy Heater — This looked great. A small, space-saving heater that could econically heat reasonably large rooms? Yeah! Sign me up! But when I checked the reviews on this little gadget a great many on-line users (like almost ALL) complained that the unit did not provide the heat promised, and that while it worked okay in small spaces (like bathrooms) it was annoyingly and distractingly loud when running. Small wonder the commercials don’t let you hear it running, huh?

Red Copper Cookware — While this isn’t advertised when the cookwear is being described, this has to be seasoned, and according to reviews the non-stick coating it has will not hold up. Also, despite what the ads claim, it very definitely will scratch. Figures. While copper is very conductive, heats evenly, and looks nice, probably one of the biggest obstacles to overcome related to copper cookware is price. Full copper cookware is very expensive, though you can purchase it with a stainless steel or tin lining for less, and the Red Copper pans fit intop this category. Outside of price though, according to, copper cookware has several unique disadvantages:
“Reactive with alkaline or acidic foods, which can take on a metallic taste after being cooked in a copper pot. Light colored foods, like eggs, can also develop grey streaks when they pick up the copper compounds, which also means you’ll ingest small amounts of copper. Not a big deal if it’s an occasional thing, but not so great for everyday use. Copper also requires regular polishing and maintenance”.
Lastly, despite what’s mentioned on the Red Copper Pan website, copper cookware is not dishwasher safe. I think I’ll stick with my cast iron.You don’t wash that in a dishwasher either, but then you don’t have to. 😉

The Miracle Bamboo pillow — I thought about getting one of these, but the reviews seemed mostly to be either one extreme or the other. Either it was “LOVE IT!!” (apparently from hard-pillow lovers) or it was totally negative. One reviewer said they opened their pillow up after hearing some disturbing comments, and that the stuffing looked like nasty scaps swept up from a factory floor — or even carpet scraps. Another said it compressed after a very short while into a much smaller brick that felt as though it were made of clay. Also according to reviews, the company has a C-Rating with the BBB based on more than 280 closed complaints (as of 10/8/14). Most of these appear to reference poor customer service (difficulty locating orders, difficulty processing refunds, etc.), long shipping times (some customers claim to have never received their items at all), and inferior product quality. No, I think not.

My Pillow — in the same vein, the My Pillow claims (or claimed for a long time) to be the “Official pillow of the National Sleep Foundation”, but the NSF’s web site appeared to me to be nothing more than a site advertising various items anyway, and according to the makers of My Pillow were enjoined in January of 2017 from adversizing this connection, and also had their Better Business Bureau accreditagtion revoked as the result of claims of false advertizing and price inflation. I think I’ll pass on that one too.

And the search goes on….

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