“Child of the Morning”

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March 3, 2017 by phicks2012

ctree2This verse was written last year, and was inspired, I’m afraid, by WAY too many past personal experiences. Sad but true. 😦

I’ve found, to my disappointment in human nature, that different people seem to look for totally different things out of relationships. Some honestly seek love, friendship, laughter, and companionship, and will stick with friends and lovers through thick and thin. Others are only looking for personal gain or personal advantage, and will turn their backs as soon as something better comes along or the relationship is no longer what they see as personally advantageous.

I saw this rather a LOT in childhood — children are often cruel little buggers with no real understanding of the damage they can cause, and sometimes no sympathy for their victims — and I’ve seen it over and over it throughout my life from people who do not have chronological immaturity as a valid excuse. Not by a LONG shot. Nope.

Obviously, I prefer the former category. I’d much rather have relationships with people who honestly care about others, and to have a real BFF or significant other to count on and stand by when times are tough. That would mean a lot to me — and if it ever happens I’ll be sure to let you know! 😉 Hope springs eternal.

In the meanwhile. hopefully a few of you will enjoy the verse below. While it is generally mundane, I will also be printing it in our SCA newsletter — at some point. 😉


Child of the Morning

What can you offer me, child of the morning?
I’ll offer friendship if you proffer pleasure,
Otherwise, I’ll turn away without warning,
For profit is factored when friendship I measure.
Others stand ready, with fame and with fortune,
And in their esteem I would rather be basking
Than wasting affection that I might apportion.
What can you offer? Can you hear me asking?

I can bring truth and the joy of believing
In something more lasting. All pleasure is fleeting,
And wealth cannot succor a heart that is grieving
Nor proffer you solace when love is retreating.
Fame cannot offer the comfort of laughter,
Nor oppulence tender the gratification
Of warmth, and the happiness following after,
When friendship is true, and without hesitation.

What can you offer me, child of the nooning?
I will be loyal if you give me value
For my own devotion. Do not be assuming
That I’ll remain constant when offerings fail you,
For I expect worth in return when I tarry.
Barring some benefit I’ll not be staying,
And payment is due, lest my kindness will vary.
What can you offer? Your words I’ll be weighing.

I can bring faith, such as gold cannot manage,
Nor counting the coins of devotion avail you,
For shifting allegiances brings no advantage,
And those who accept such most surely will fail you.
They only abide if you offer distraction,
Amusing, appealing, and boredom forestalling;
Like you they seek only their own satisfaction,
And will not be counted when pain comes a-calling.

What can you offer me, child of the evening?
No longer young, you cannot bring me riches,
Rank or celebrity to stop me leaving.
Lacking that, watch how my fealty switches
To someone more worthy, of my adulation.
Those I befriend I expect to advance me,
And that I must factor in my calculation.
What can you offer? Is it what I fancy?

I can bring knowledge and loyalty for you,
If you will but vow to be steadfast, and mean it.
Those icons you dream will revere and adore you,
They will not be truthful. I know, for I’ve seen it.
True friends do not falter when cold doubt arises,
Embracing suspicion, but seek affirmation,
And I offer laughter, and constant surprises,
Believing that faith needs an honest foundation.

What can you offer me? Friendship is fleeting;
Loyalty meaningless. You count it treasured,
But without the bounty I will be retreating
To spend my attentions where gain can be measured.
You dream of honor and seamless devotion,
Foolishly longing for friends who’ll not hurt you,
Endowing such comrades with noble emotion,
Believing that, somehow, they’ll never desert you.

I look all around me where friendships lie crumbled
And honor abandonned, and still tarry waiting.
While seeking allegiance I often have stumbled,
My heart torn asunder, but hope unabating.
I know that somewhere in a world of believing,
That friendships are born; singular and enduring,
Outlasting all torment, affliction and grieving,
To anchor our souls; an unshakeable mooring.

Where will you find them, these paragons faithful
With hearts that are true, and no payment demanding?
Only in dreams, never when you are wakeful,
For they exist only in your understanding.
Bury your dreams, for they will not avail you,
When life turns its back and you stand in confusion;
Watching your visions grow hazy and fail you.
What can they offer you, but disillusion?

There may be faithlessness, dreams that will waver,
Honor forsaken, and hearts without virtue.
There may be selfishness; those who will savor
Infamies done, and whose cruelties will hurt you.
There may be false friends who turn without reason;
Souls that are damaged beyond all redeeming,
But for each miracle there is a season,
‘Til night fades away, I will go on a-dreaming.

[7 May, 2016]

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