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February 21, 2017 by phicks2012

secret-clipart-canstock4373062Ordering things advertised on TV can be interesting. Some of them are great. “Flex Seal”, for example, though a bit pricey, works beautifully (and can be purchased locally). On the other hand, I’ve learned the hard way to check product reviews before just hitting the ORDER button, or calling in.

I considered getting “The Hurricane Spin Scrubber” to help with cleaning my bathroom, and might still consider trying it, but the reiews said it was heavy and hard to keep in place when rotating, that the battery charge did not last long enough, and that the battery required some 8-hours to recharge after use. The reviews also said that while the brush and extension arm did help with cleaning, the product did not work as quickly or without the use of fairly strong cleaning products as advertised on TV. Hmmm.

Then there’s “The Core Toning Twister Board”. I saw that advertized and started having frightening flashbacks to high school when a very similar item (though round and flat rather than curved and elongated) was being sold with very similar claims. A friend of mine got one and gave it to me when it didn’t work for her. It didn’t work for me either, and was also horribly monotonous as a form of exercise.

One thing ordered from TV that I do LOVE though is the NuWave induction cook top. These are basically hotplates that come with a carrying/storage bag and sit on a countertop, but they use magnetism to heat up the ferrous content in pans so that the cooktop itself never gets hot. You can set the temperature and timer easily to get the reults you want, and water will start boiling within a minute. The only drawback — and this was something I somehow missed when watching the ad on TV — was that these will not work with “most cookware”. Aluminum pans (and even a lot of pans claiming to be stainless steel) will not function at ALL with these, and the cook top will not even turn ON if the pan you’re using isn’t campatible. The cookware has to be “induction ready” and most of the cookware available in stores is not. 95% of my modern cookware, including some very nice Wolfgang Puck pans, would not work, and at first I was more than a little frustrated. Then I found out that my grandmother’s (and my mother’s, and my own) cast iron cookware, and my wonderful Lodge ceramic-coated cast-iron Dutch Oven and skillet also both worked beautifully, and those have the additional benefit of cooking evenly and lasting FOREVER. Otherwise, I have two saucepans and one skillet that can miraculously be used with these cooktops, but I discovered that I could live with that, once I knew the facts. Just be aware that if you get one of these, you have to have the right pots and pans to use with it!! HINT: Take a magnet with you when pan-shopping. If the magnet will stick to the pan, it will work with an induction cooktop!

Have fun shopping!

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