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February 6, 2017 by phicks2012

e-blanketHere’s a question. What is the logic of manufacturing electric blankets that turn off after only two hours?

I realize that, theoretically at least, this is a safety feature, but when I use an electric blanket it’s because the room I’m sleeping in is chilly, and is very probably going to stay that way all night. Why in the name of all that is logical would I want to wake up cold every two hours to find the controller and turn my blanket back on?

They tell us that getting a good night’s sleep is extremely beneficial. They sell us sleeping pills and reccommend hot milk or melatonin to help us sleep through the nights. They advertize memory foam and sleep number mattresses to help us sleep soundly and comfortably. So why under Heaven sell us electric blankets that won’t stay warm thoughout the night?

If you buy a blamket on-line (and this is usually done because none of your local brick-and-mortar stores seem to have any in stock and are already too busy stocking up on bikinis and sunshades in January or February) they rarely seem to tell you things like how long the blanket will stay warm before turning off — for your safety, of course — and you have to read the box carefully to find out. Apparently they don’t see that as a selling point, or consider that it’s something we might just want to know. Go figure!

So you take a chance, buy the blanket, wait for it to be delivered, plug it in, and settle in for the night only to discover that after only a couple of hours sleep you wake up chilled — and seriously pissed off about it. At least, I do. Add to that the fact that some of these blankets refuse to turn back on immediately — I’m sure THAT is for our safety as well, right? — and you absolutely have a recipe for customer dissatisfaction.

This sort of thing is especially prevalent when dealing with heated throws — you know, the sort you put over your lap and legs and feet when you want to kick back on a couch or in a chair to read or watch TV in the winter and the room isn’t particularly cozy? Just when you’ve gotten really comfortable the heat cuts off and your feet (unless incased in thick socks) start getting cold.

Okay, so at least with those you don’t have to “wake up” to turn them back on, but still — I don’t know about you but I find this REALLY ANNOYING. I find myself typing nasty customer reviews, calling manufacturers to ask them about their sadistic tendencies, and wishing their executives extremely cold winters.

I also have a sherpa-style throw that is really soft and cuddley, but won’t stay on because the plug falls out of the blanket socket continually even after I tried ducktaping and even sewing it in place.

So what are the alternatives, assuming you don’t share a bed with a human radiator? Piling mountains of blankets and comforters onto the bed (or couch)? Using hot water bottles? You can nuke these, by the way, to heat them up. I know this from experience. Turning into a Crazy Cat Lady and encouraging all of your cats to sleep on top of you? They’ll wake you up too, by the way, wanting out of the room at 2am. Cranking up the heat and paying astronomical heating bills? Electric socks and pajamas? Do they even MAKE electric pajamas, or is that just wishful thinking?

I’m open to suggestions, but the simple solution would be for more of the electric blanket manufacturers to make them with controllers that (like the one I FINALLY found) will stay on for 8-10 hours and allow me to sleep through the night!!! Too bad it simply stopped heating after about two weeks use, hubh?

Excuse me while I stop here to reconnect the controller for my electric lap throw. 😉

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